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Shazam! Fury of the Gods | March 17 2023 | Sandberg returns to direct. Will Sinbad return? | Get vaccinated!

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Shazam!: Fury of the Gods star Adam Brody confirmed the film will retain the franchise's comedic tone and have more Marvel Family fight scenes.


Despite some frightening moments, 2019's Shazam! maintained a largely lighthearted, comedic style while also showing the importance of family. With the upcoming sequel, Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, on the way, franchise star Adam Brody -- who plays the superhero form of Freddy Freeman, once called Captain Marvel Jr. -- has confirmed the film will not only keep the franchise's comedic tone but will have more fight scenes with the Marvel Family.


Brody told Screen Rant Fury of the Gods will see him and the rest of the Marvel Family actors get some impressive action scenes, though he was scarce on the details outside of revealing his scenes featured stunts and wirework, aspects that he thought were thrilling. "I'm sure there'll be moments of real peril that you take seriously as well," Brody explained, "but leaning into the comedy and leaning into the goofiness and the wish fulfillment of it all is a pretty natural and joyful experience."




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18 hours ago, CoolK said:

this is the Antman of DCEU, may never reach top-tier & get big numbers 

I see a significant improvement on this next one. If they confirm Cavill it will help a lot.


And considering how huge is The Rock's name, a third movie as 'Shazam and Superman vs Black Adam' can do amazing numbers as well.




But if they maintain the quality, that's all the matters.

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It would be neat if Cavill were to be in this movie, and that just might give it the hook it needs to keep people’s interest, but I’m not counting on WB being smart enough to sign off of that. For whatever reason, they seem completely allergic to giving Superman another chance in anything that’s not a low budget CW show.

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