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SLAM!: Come on in!  Gather around, Survivors.


The remaining Gene Kellys, in their Sou'westers, and Fred Astaires, in their Top Hats, form a semi-circle outside the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.


CAP: Firsts thing first, I'll take that back.


Keanu walks up and hands Cap the paper machine popcorn Immunity Idol.


CAP: This?  [She holds it up] Think of it as VHS player.  Obsolete.



  • @DAJK: Oh, damn it, what's going on now?
  • @Keanu: Not another twist.  I hate twists.
  • @JJ-8: That's fine.  I don't need it.  I'm still here and I've never won Immunity.


CAP: Drop your Sou'westers and Top Hats.  We are merged.  You are all now THE JUDYS.  


SLAM! walks over to the remaining Survivors and hands each of them a pair of Ruby Red Slippers.


SLAM!: This is a whole new game.  With some new rules.  Let's talk about:


The Tuck Shop

  • 1st Place Weekend Challenge: 5 Coins
  • 2nd Place Weekend Challenge: 3 Coins
  • 3rd Place Weekend Challenge: 3 Coins
  • Winner Tribal Immunity: 3 Coins


Coins can be gifted to other players.  


All Coins MUST BE USED BEFORE the Top Three Weekend.  The strategy to hoard all your coins so you have like a +12% in the Top Three will not work. Use them or lose them.


CAP:  Eight of you remain.  The next person voted out at Tribal Council will become the first member of our jury. The jury will sit in on your Tribal Councils to observe, but you should not interact with the jury at or outside of Tribal Council.  They will observe because they will have a vote to decide who wins.  Your fate's in their hands.  Will they give you an advantage or disadvantage?  We will reveal the full details of the jury mechanic at a later date, and have no further information for you at this time.  All we will say is: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.



  • @Sheikh: I don't know if this is good or bad for me.
  • @ZeeSoh: All right.  [Thinks it over in his head.]  All riiight.
  • @Claire of Themyscira: This is validation voting out @chasmmi. I'm ready. They're going to fall at my feet.
  • @Thanos Legion: I am pleased we're merging four-on-four.  Particularly when our four are stronger.  


SLAM!: In honor of the merge, we're doing a Very Special Episode of Survivor.  Any wondered why they couldn't use a copy machine this week?


The Survivors look around.  PanaMovie raises his hand.


@PanaMovie: Are we doing head-to-head matchups?


SLAM!: Yahtzee!


CAP:  Over the season, we've been collecting data on your overall, individual performances.  We've compiled a ranking -- based off your average Weekend Challenge Scores including bonuses.  


SLAM!: Here's how today's challenge's going to work.  Thanks to our friends from The Mounded Unit, we've blocked off a loop around the Island of Manhattan.  We're going to host FOUR head-to-head road races.  Number 1 Ranked v Number 2 Ranked.  3 v 4.  5 v 6.  7 v 8.

CAP: The Route simple.  Start at Staten Island Ferry.  Up West to 12th.  Speed past Early Deadline Friday Estimates at the Lincoln Tunnel Entrance.  Head North on the Henry Hudson until it's time to round Revised Deadline Saturday Updates at Tyson Park.  Be careful, that's a sharp near ninety-degree turn.  Cut across Dyckman to Harlem Rive Drive and down to RFK Bridge and Box Office Pro's Saturday Weekend Estimates.  Merge onto the FDR and fly by The Number's Sunday Estimates at the Untied Nations Underpass.




SLAM!: First-person to park their car at The Number's Weekend Actuals in Battery Park, run out, and get a pass from the ticket booth for the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island WINS IMMUNITY.  And a nice day out to the National Park. Loser gets nothing, and will be eligible for Tribal Council.  


CAP: That means this week four players will have immunity, and four players will be up for elimination.  


All of the Survivors seem to shift in their Ruby Red Slippers.


CAP: For This Week Only, the Tuck Shop Coins will be awarded as followed:

  • Winner of Head to Head: 5 Coins
  • Loser of Head to Head: 3 Coins
  • Winner of Tribal Immunity: 3 Coins.


SLAM!: Before we begin, let's take a minute to say a quick prayer.



SLAM!: Okay, let's race!




SLAM!:  First, let's see who are our racers:


#8 AVG
#7 AVG
JJ-8 78.69% PanaMovie 80.21%


JJ-8 and PanaMovie step forward.  They shake each other's hand.  



  • PANAMOVIE: I respect JJ-8 as a competitor.  This should be a good race.  
  • JJ-8: Ranked last?  Does that concern me? No way.  Will only make it more dramatic when I win.  And that's how I like my wins: dramatic.


CAP: And more importantly, let's see your cars.  They, like you, are ranked by their place in Movie History.


Out of the garage comes out:






@Jason pulls up in the 1966 Ford Thunderbird from Thelma and Louise.  


CAP: A true icon of American Freedom, Luxury, and Innovation. I can't think of a better car for Thelma and Louise, and JJ-8's it's yours.

SLAM: Please try not to drive it off a cliff.






@YourMother the Edgelord pulls up a 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 Duetto and hands the keys to PanaMovie.


CAP: Here's to you Mrs. Robinson.

SLAM!: PanaMovie, don't run out of gas!


PanaMovie and JJ-8 put on their safety helmets, buckle up, and roll their cars to the starting line.  A mysterious Force allows the Survivor starting flag to hover before them.


Captain Wonderful and SLAM! have gotten into a copter and puts on their gigantic headsets and sunglasses.  Suddenly Cap's gained a British Motorsport Announcer accent and SLAM sounds like a NASCAR Commentator.  


CAP: 3, 2, 1... GO.


The race begins.


SLAM!: We're off.  It's a clean start for both of our drivers as they take their time up State Street and around Battery Park.

CAP: I like that they're both playing it safe.  It's almost a 90 degree turn up West.  Race could be over before it starts if they're not paying attention!
SLAM!: It appears they've both made the curve.  Now they're on the straightaway toward the Lincoln Tunnel Check Point!

CAP:  They seem to be moving around fifty miles an hour.  It will be interesting to see if they keep this pace or pick it up.  With it being City Roads, one pothole could make for a terrible mistake!

SLAM!: We're almost at the first checkpoint.  It's neck and neck.  Neither of them are giving the other anything!

CAP: We're going to have to go to SLOW MO!

SLAM!: Golly Gee! They pass the first First Deadline Estimates with PanaMovie at 79.73 and JJ-8 at 79.68!


CAP: Excellent Racing Gents!

SLAM!: Wow, just keep your foot on it!  We're heading to the Tyson Park Check In!

CAP:  This is probably the most dangerous check-point of the race!  It's notoriously fickle.  They'll need to almost slow from Top Speed to a slow call to make that turn.  Maybe players have crashed and destroyed their weekends off of Deadline's Revised Updates.


SLAM!: Here They Come! And it looks like --

CAP: PanaMovie comes in wide with 76.45.  Definitely a not what we want to see but there's still to recover!

SLAM!: MY GOD! MY GOD!  JJ-8 IS AGAINST the barrier! He's Not going to Make it!

CAP: You should have told them that going off a cliff includes not hitting concrete dividers!

SLAM!: He makes it -- only he's down to 66.15%! All he sees is PanaMovie's dust!

CAP: Top Speed on that Thunderbird is 120mph. He's gonna need to get up to there stat!  


SLAM!: PanaMovie speeds past the RFK Bridge with 77.75.  He's in a commanding lead.  Let's go to footage from the car.  



SLAM!: JJ8 is starting to battle back!  He just passed the UN Sunday Check Point with a 70.28.
CAP: It won't be enough!  PanaMovie passes with a 79.76%


PanaMovie can see JJ-8 gaining on the last leg.  He shifts the car into CANDY APPLE gear.


SLAM!: OH! HE'S TAKING HIS +2% BOOST!  It's over!  It's over!


PanaMovie easily parks his car in front of Battery Park and almost walks to the ticket booth to pick up his Immunity Reward.


JJ-8 71.25% PanaMovie 82.59%



Heat #2


SLAM!: Now, let's reveal our second set of racers:


#6 AVG
#5 AVG
CLAIRE 82.10% DAJK 82.71%



Claire and DAJK step forward.  They cross their arms and glare at each other.


CLAIRE: Can't hide behind your teammates anymore.

DAJK: Who says I was hiding?


CAP: And your cars: 






Jason pulls up in Tony Stark's OG 2008 Audi R8.


CAP: Will Claire be a Black Widow in Iron Man's Car?






YourMother pulls up in Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger from The Fast and The Furious.


YOURMOTHER: [hugging DAJK] You got this, bro.

DAJK: I'm going to win this for FAMILY.


CLAIRE: [getting into her car] This isn't about family anymore! 


Claire of Themyscira and DAJK put on their safety helmets, buckle up, and roll their cars to the starting line.  A mysterious Force allows the Survivor starting flag to hover before them.


Captain Wonderful and SLAM! are back in the copter with their gigantic headsets and sunglasses, and still have their silly Commentator Accents.


CAP: 3, 2, 1... GO.


The race begins.


SLAM!: We have two fierce competitors and ever fiercer Franchise Cars.  Neither have a problem getting onto West Street!

CAP: This should be interesting to watch, SLAM! If Chas was still in the competition instead of JJ8, he would have entered #7 not Claire.  She would have faced off against PanaMovie with a clear advantage in her seeds.  Will that decision haunt her?

SLAM!: Doubtful!  We know that Claire will come back harder than before and the Queen will stay Queen.


CAP: A fine bit of driving from Claire, but she's a couple of lengths back from DAJK at they speed by The Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint.

SLAM!: DAJK's ahead at 88.40 to 84.85

CAP:  And there's plenty of time to catch up!  We're heading into the Deadline Update Curve.



SLAM!: Claire's giving him no space!  She's riding him tight!

CAP: They're both flew past the RFK Bridge and are head down FDR.  

SLAM!: She's gaining on him!

CAP: What a bit of brilliant aggressive driving!

SLAM: She's gaining on him!  We have a drag race on our hands!

CAP: We just flew past Sunday Estimates and it's DAJK with 85.87 and Claire with 85.16!

SLAM!: This is Incredible!  This is Incredible!



DAJK shift gears into CANDY APPLE and pulls ahead of Claire


CAP: I don't think Claire has an answer for that!

SLAM!: There is no Answer for that!  DAJK is already at Battery Park!  He's running to the Immunity Tickets!



CLAIRE 83.95% DAJK 86.87%



Heat #3


SLAM!: This has been a fantastic day of racing.  Let's see who's up next:


#4 AVG
#3 AVG
SHEIKH 82.74% KEANU 82.94%


Sheikh and Keanu step forward.  They stare at each other.  The history hanging between them.


SHEIKH: Keanu.

KEANU: Sheikh.

SHEIKH: Well, good luck.

KEANU: Good luck.



  • KEANU: It's over... Really.  It was a silly showmance.
  • SHEIKH: I'm going to crush her. Like she crushed my heart.


CAP: And the cars:


Out of the garage comes:






Jason drives out John Wick's 1969 Mustang.


CAP: It's an homage to another giant, but damn what a vehicle.  

SLAM!: The Ultimate Guy's Muscle Car.






YourMother drives out a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger.


CAP: James Bond has had many cars over the year, but none are more beautiful or iconic.


Keanu and Sheikh put on their safety helmets, buckle up, and roll their cars to the starting line.  A mysterious Force allows the Survivor starting flag to hover before them.


Captain Wonderful and SLAM! are back in the copter with their gigantic headsets and sunglasses, and still have their silly Commentator Accents.


CAP: 3, 2, 1... GO.


The race begins.


SLAM!: We're off.

CAP: I think this is the matchup I'm most excited for!  We have two excellent players -- but will their emotions get the best of them?

SLAM!: Sheikh has been on an individual hot strike lately, and gee, and it doesn't look like it's stopping now! He's taken the early lead up the straightaway to the Lincoln Tunnel.

CAP: He's pulling ahead.  He passes the Friday Deadline Estimates at 88.73 to her 86.11.



SLAM!: We're heading into the Revised Deadline Estimates.

CAP: This has been a disaster all day!

SLAM!: Sheikh's been showing us what perfect racing looks like on the Henry Hudson.  He's coming in almost perfect to the Curve and --


SLAM: MY GOD!  My GOD.  He WENT WIDE on the Curve!  His Waves Estimate just TANKED his score! I don't think I can watch! 

CAP: He still has the lead with 84.77 to 83.82.


SLAM!: Keanu's gentling bumping him, trying to overtake him!

CAP: This is some amazing racing from both of them!  They are now side-by-side!

SLAM!: They're going in NECK AND NECK to the RFK Box Office Pro Saturday Estimates!

CAP: It's 84.27 to 84.97!

SLAM!: They're driving with such HEART! You can both see how much they want this!


Keanu shifts her car into CANDY APPLE GEAR.


SLAM!: And Keanu wants it more! She just blew past him.

CAP: I think she was holding back! She's coming down FDR at record speed.

SLAM!: Keanu flies by the UN at 88.39 to 85!



CAP: And with the ease of what feels like a Sunday drive, she parks her car and runs to the Immunity Ticket.


SHEIKH 84.46% KEANU 88.22%


Heat #4

SLAM!: And now it comes down to this, our Marquee Matchup:


#2 AVG
#1 AVG
ZEESOH 83.34% THANOS 83.70%


ZeeSoh and Thanos Legion step forward.  They nod.


ZEESOH: Just think of me as The Avengers.

THANOS: I hope they remember you.


CAP: And, finally, the cars.


Out of the garage comes:





Jason drives up in Cameron Frye's Car from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


SLAM: The 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California.  Less than a hundred were made.  My father spent three years restoring this year.  It is his love.  It is his passion.

CAP: It is his fault he didn't lock the garage.






YourMother drives up in...


CAP: The Steve McQueen.  The 1968 Mustang G7 390 from Bullitt.  It is not just a car, is it the car.


ZeeSoh and Thanos Legion put on their safety helmets, buckle up, and roll their cars to the starting line.  A mysterious Force allows the Survivor starting flag to hover before them.


Captain Wonderful and SLAM! are back in the copter with their gigantic headsets and sunglasses, and still have their silly Commentator Accents.


CAP: I want a good, clean race, boys.  And please keep in mind both of those cars at auction are worth about seven million dollars.  Please try not to scratch the paint job

SLAM!: 3, 2, 1... GO.


The race begins.


SLAM!: We're off.  ZeeSoh uses the Ferarri's 0 to 60mph to take an early lead on Thanos' Mustang.

CAP:  The Ferarri will be hard to beat.  Thanos will have to be Ken Miles to take down that car!

SLAM!: Oh Boy!  Here's the go! They're flying up to the Lincoln Tunnel Early Deadline Estimates.

CAP: They speed by with an impressive 86.91 for ZeeSoh's Ferrari to 84.81 for Thanos' Mustang.


SLAM!: The Ferrari's driving like a beaut.  It's just a thing of beauty to watch.


CAP: They're already at the Revised Deadline Curve.  

SLAM!: ZeeSoh and Thanos are driving hard.  Watch this.  ZeeSoh's in the lead by Thanos' on his tail!  ZeeSoh's manages to cut Thanos of and get take the Curve first.

CAP: They're 87.97 to 86.84 at the second checkpoint.

SLAM!: Thanos might not be able to catch ZeeSoh in that Ferrari.  They're battling down Dyckman. He's fighting for every inch!


CAP: We're going into the RFK Bridge check point!

SLAM!: Thanos has gone up to 86.65 but it's just not enough for ZeeSoh's 88.58.


CAP: I wouldn't count Thanos and his Mustang out yet!  It's the car at the center of the greatest car chase ever put on on film.  The POV shots to put you into the action. The perfect pacing of the first three and a half minutes.  The crazy ramp-up to the end.  Is Thanos honoring Bullit by waiting for a ramping up?


SLAM!: I think he might be!  He's making his move!  He's coming on the left side!


CAP: They just passed the UN at Thanos on ZeeSoh's tail with 88.33 to 89.81.

SLAM!: WOW! Ha HA! And Here he comes!  Here he comes!

CAP: Half a mile to go!

SLAM! Here he comes!  He's got him!

CAP: I don't think he has him!

SLAM!: What a finish!

CAP: Have you ever seen anything like this!

SLAM!: No I have never!  I've never!  My God!  They both put into Battery Park with ZeeSoh at 88.37 to Thanos at 88.18

CAP: I think he has him!  They're running to the Ticket Station!



CAP: Why I've never!

SLAM!: Thanos Wins Immunity!

CAP: Thanos steals Immunity!  We should have given him the Dodge Charger!  Robbed!  ZeeSoh was ROBBED!

SLAM!: Golly Gee!

CAP: Have you EVER?

SLAM! No, I've never!  Thanos WIN IMMUNITY!


ZEESOH 88.37% THANOS 90.18%


SLAM!: What a day of racing!


CAP: Here are the Complete Results:


1 Thanos Legion 88.18 2 90.18 IMMUNITY
2 ZeeSoh 88.31 0 88.31  
3 Keanu 86.23 2 88.23 IMMUNITY
4 Sheikh 84.46 0 84.46  
5 DAJK 84.87 2 86.87 IMMUNITY
6 Claire of Themyscira 83.95 0 83.95  
7 PanaMovie 80.59 2 82.59 IMMUNITY
8 JJ-8 71.25 0 71.25  


CAP: Thanos Legion, Keanu, DAJK, and PanaMovie will have Immunity for Tribal Council.  ZeeSoh, Sheikh, Claire of Themyscira, and JJ-8 are all up for Elimination.  Tribal Council will be on Tuesday Night.  Details for the Updated Tuck Shop, Tribal Immunity Challenge, and the Weekend Challenge will be in the post below.  


SLAM!: Welcome to Survivor 3.0.  And...



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Tuck Shop Current Balance
21 @Thanos Legion
20 @ZeeSoh
19 @Keanu
19 @Sheikh
14 @PanaMovie
8 @Claire of Themyscira
4 @JJ-8



Candy Apple 3 Coins 2% boost to your average prediction
Recycle Pad 5 Coins Doubles your Tribal Council vote
Rotten Apple 5 Coins Reduces other player's average by -2%. Can be used for weekly challenges or second immunity
Copy Machine 8 Coins Steal the score of ANY player for a weekend challenge
Indicate which item you want to use when you send in your weekly or immunity predictions
FIVE COINS to 1st Place in Weekend Challenge
THREE COINS to 2nd and 3rd Highest in Weekend Challenge
THREE COINS to Winner of Tribal Immunity
In the case that a player who did not send in predictions is on the winning team, that player will not receive tuck shop coins.








Welcome Judys to your first Tribal Council as a Merged Tribe. All team members must send me a PM with who they wish to vote off the island. Remember: Thanos Legion, Keanu, DAJK, and PanaMovie have Immunity.  However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



  • Ford v Ferrari
  • The Good Liar
  • Playing With Fire
  • Harriet
  • Terminator: Dark Fate

They are due at Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 11:59PM PST / 2:59AM EST / 6:59AM GMT / 3:59PM KST.  You also need to submit your vote for Tribal Council when you submit your predictions.  








21 Bridges

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Frozen II - Friday

Frozen II - Saturday

Frozen II - Sunday

Frozen II - Opening Weekend

Knives Out (Advanced Screenings)

The Good Liar


Predictions Due by Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 11:59PM PST / 2:59AM EST / 6:59AM GMT / 3:59PM KST.


Due to the Following Week Being Thanksgiving -- and The Top 50 Musicals List Being Due (send me your lists): There will be no Survivor the weekend of November 27th.  That means this weekend will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION.  The Player will the lowest scores automatically will be eliminated on Monday Night.  A second player will be eliminated at Tribal Council. 

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@Claire of Themyscira @DAJK @Keanu @JJ-8 @PanaMovie @Sheikh @Thanos Legion @ZeeSoh


Your first official predictions and votes for tribal Council as a merged team are due In like an hour and half.  

If you have already sent in your votes, tuck shop items, and/or predictions, please enjoy 20 minutes of people being blindsided at tribal council:




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@Claire of Themyscira @DAJK @Keanu @JJ-8 @PanaMovie @Sheikh @Thanos Legion @ZeeSoh





The Judys enter the Tribal Council area at the Old Pier 54, the intended final destination for the Titanic.  They place their torches in sand buckets covered with James Cameron movie posters.  Then they take their seats two rows of old movie theater seats.


As they do, they look across at the newly installed Luxury Recliners for the Jury.


@SLAM! and Cap stand before the campfire fueled by old celluloid film.


CAP:  Welcome, my Judy friends.  How are you enjoying the Merged Hotel Life?


PANAMOVIE: I'm loving it!  The Plaza Penthouse Apartment is to die for.
DAJK: It's certainly an upgrade from that bedbug roach's nest we've been living in for the past month.


ZEESOH: I feel like my fellow Gene Kellys can say that because they're not up for Elimination.


SLAM!: How are you feeling?  You had the highest base score and you're still up for elimination.

ZEESOH: It's fine.  I'm sure I'll be fine.  If it's not fine, well, to quote one of Cap's favorite movies... [He turns to Thanos] "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog, too."


CAP TO SLAM! AS AN ASIDE: Did he just call Keanu a bitch?

SLAM: Nah, probably talking about DAJK.


SHEIKH: It's been tense.

ZEESOH: I feel like I have no privacy, and no space --


CAP: To talk?  Like you keep forgetting other people are in the room, and you're blabbing Top Secret Info?



Claire looks back and forth between the Judys.  


CLAIRE: Oh. That's right.  I heard every word.  And don't think for one second I just sat back and let you two-faced basic bitches get the best of me.  Just you wait and see.


CAP: Alas, we'll have to wait and see a bit longer.


Everyone turns to Cap.


CAP: This is not the first Tribal Council.






CAP: It has come to my attention that our beloved Asgard Jr lived up to his Trickster Loki namesake.  He posted his Tuesday Actuals just as some sent in their predictions. I have no way to prove anything, but it's enough to make me pause.  I love a good twist clearly more than most here. But certain game mechanics exist to give everyone an equal footing.  This is not like Shawn posted his Predictions Early Thursday Morning, where they'd be enough time for every player to see that information and use it to their advantage.  Therefore,


We're going to a Sudden Death Elimination.


Every player will submit The Following Weekend Estimates to me by Thursday, November 21st, 2019 at 11:59PM PST / 2:59AM EST / 6:59AM GST


21 Bridges

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Frozen II - Friday

Frozen II - Saturday

Frozen II - Sunday

Frozen II - Opening Weekend

Knives Out (Advanced Screenings)

The Good Liar


Frozen II - Friday will be the Sudden Death Elimination for Claire, JJ8, and Sheikh.  The Player will highest accuracy wins Immunity.

  • We are NOT REVOTING.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to use Tuck Shop Items you haven't already purchased for this prediction.

Cap turns to ZeeSoh:  ZeeSoh, Spoiler Alert: you had no votes cast against you at Tribal Council this week.  Therefore, you will NOT be up for or eligible for Immunity. You are safe.


So the Order of Operations This Weekend Will Be:

  • Thursday: Send in Predictions and Any Tuck Shop Items you want to use for the WEEKEND CHALLENGE
  • Saturday: Tribal Council where either Claire, JJ8 or Sheikh will be voted off.
  • Monday: Episode 15 Results where the player with the lowest score will AUTOMATICALLY be eliminated.
  • Tuesday: Tribal Council Immunity Predictions and Votes DUE
  • Wednesday: Tribal Council Reveal
  • Vacation Until December 5, 2019.


CAP:  One. More. Thing.  I have been lax about giving everyone a fifteen minute grace period for predictions.  Not this week.  If you are ever one second over the clock when I refresh the page at 2:59AM EST, your predictions will not count.


Thank you, and we'll see you on Thursday.

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Interestingly, this means that the winner of the 3 Tribal Council coins won’t be able to apply them to this weekend.    

The maximum drama would be for Friday actuals to lead to a different immunity than the Friday estimate that gets used, but that is highly unlikely.

Edited by Thanos Legion
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One more thing:


since you will have to submit your predictions and tuck shop items before the Saturday reveal:

Claire, JJ8, and Sheikh are all eligible for tuck shop advantages/disadvantages for their WEEKEND scores. If you happen to use a Rotten or Candy Apple against them and they get eliminated it will not count. If you use a copy machine on their scores it will.


If you use an Apple, you will be refunded like nothing happens. 

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23 minutes ago, Jedi Jat said:

Guess I can be never part of survivors :hahaha:


Oh. I am sure we could find some way to make you part of the fam. 


23 minutes ago, Jedi Jat said:


PS. @captainwondyful damn. You do spent a good time on your writeups. 🥰

Thank you!

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