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Water Bottle


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The camera opens on a tiny 19th century village

We see villagers tending the gardens and to the live stock

Suddenly a roaring sound comes from the forest

We see the villagers look up in shock

A man whispers, “The deviations are here.”

The Number 2 Productions Studio Sympol Comes Up

We see the village leader Joseph Strorm (Anthony Hopkins) standing in front of the villagers in a church

He while the images flash, he gives a voice over “And God created man in His own image. And God decreed that man should have one body, one head, two arms and two legs: that each arm should be jointed in two places and end in one hand: that each hand should have four fingers and one thumb: that each finger should bear a flat finger-nail. The norm is the will of God, and the devil is the father of deviation, and a number of others about Offences and Blasphemies. Those who are Blasphemes shall be slaughtered or banished the lands outside of Waknuk to the Fringes where all kind of devils and deviations dwell."

We see David Strorm (Liam Hemsworth) standing looking at Sophie (Naya Rivera) and she smiles back

We see them on the rocks and Sophie slips and her foot gets stuck

David looks at her foot a sees a six toe

Sophie looks up with tears in her eyes

David sees Sophie and her family being lead away to the gates of Waknuk

Joseph showing David the rules of the village

Joseph and other church elders ceremoniously slaughter a two-headed calf

We see David and Rosaline (Jennifer Lawrence) flinch and look away

Rosaline tells David she can’t live in fear of being condemned as a deviation anymore

Michael (Chord Overstreet) says without moving his lips says that they don’t have to

The camera pans around the room and we see Rosaline, David, Perta (Hayden Panettiere), Rachel (Emma Roberts), and Anne ( Amanda Seyfried) looks at Michael in shock.

From the Worldwide Bestseller

Rachel tells Michael, Perta, David, and Rosaline that they have the ability to communicate telepathically

Michael looks up and says that in other words they are Blasphemies

David no and he says that they are good people

Rosaline runs into the room and cries that David’s father knows of their secret

We see them flee on horse back at night into the Fringes

David tells them by a fire that it is their time to break free from the rules that bind them

We see Joseph talking to David and Joseph firmly states "It is your moral duty to God to destroy these so-called humans”

David quickly snaps back, "It's part of my official duty to protect them from harmful fools and bigots like you"

Joseph strikes David

On July 29th

Joseph rallies his followers

They run though a field and clash with the enemy Blasphemes

Their Rise

Rachel is lead to a prison cell

A woman reaches out her hands to a man and begins to cry uncontrollably. Men try to hold her back

Will Not

Men in front of a crowd whip a Blaspheme

David presses his head to Perta’s

Be Tolerated

A flying ship flies above a battle

Rachel presses her hands to her head

David and Sophie though the woods while explosions explode around them

A creature tackles Michael

A bloody body lies in a creek

Perta grasps in horror

David shouts no and runs after Rosaline

David, Perta, Michael, and Sophie look into the sky

A shower of arrows shoots up into the sky making zinging sounds

The four begin to fall back

*The screen goes black and we hear the sound of voices whispering*

The Chrysalids

Enter the Fringes July 29th


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Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies Trailer

Kitty says that two rich men have purchased a house next door and they are coming over to visit.

Jane asks, “Are they handsome?”

Mrs. Bennet asks, “Are they single?”

Kitty says, “Yes!”

The girls squeal with joy

Mr. Bennet rolls his eye and smiles

Mrs. Bennet and the girls run around the house freaking out

Mrs. Bennet tells the girls to behave naturally

We see them sitting perfectly in the living room

The door opens and Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy stand there

Lydia passes out

Mr. Bingley points to Lydia and exclaims, “Cold water?”

Mrs. Bennet says, “Lydia is fine. Are you men interested in my lovely girls?!”

Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley look at each other

Mr. Bingley shrugs and says, “Yes, I guess.”

This June

Mr. Bennet voice-over, “We are surrounded by the living dead and the plague will infect the entire world”

We see a group of zombies standing on a hill

Mr. Wickham closes a door behind him

Mr. Darcy shoots a zombie in the head

A group of zombies run through a village

Mrs. Bennet says that it is important that the girls marry wealthy men or they will not be able to care for themselves

Elizabeth says that she is able to take care of herself

We see Jane and her shooting zombies at a ball

Mr. Bingley says that Jane is an outstanding fighter

Shot in 3D

The camera pans down a royal garden

A girl stands naked on top of a royal building and then jumps off

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy wildly sword fight each other on a roof top

The worldwide best seller

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy runs through a field happily shooting zombies

Lady Catherine De Bourgh whirls her samurai sword

The girl dance cheerfully at a dance

Two masked ninjas battle Elizabeth in a hallway

Comes to life

Soldiers march through a small town

A pile of dead zombies burn

A wagon races down the street. The Bennet girls stand in the wagon shooting zombies and Mr. Bennet drives the wagon

In an unforgettable motion picture event

A horse races down a street

A zombie breaks through a window

Soldiers fire cannons into attacking zombies

Lady Catherine De Bourgh and Elizabeth fight with their swords

Mr. Darcy punches Mr. Wickham

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth kiss

Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies

In Real D)) 3D

Summer Year 1

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Trailer for an upcoming Year 2 film. Ry will appreciate the cameos at the beginning of the trailer

*Numerator Pictures Logo appears*

*we see an actor (Tyson Viademme) and an actress (Lori Burlander) sitting on a couch talking*

Actor: It’s too dangerous; I can’t let you come with me.

Actress: I’m not afraid of them, I’ll follow you anywhere

*They lean in to kiss but are interrupted by a shout*

Jackie Owens (Robert Downey Jr.): Cut! Cut!

*Jackie sits between the two*

Jackie: I’m not feeling the connection. You gotta let it all out and go for it, like this *he grabs the actress and yanks her in for a big kiss*

Jackie *right after to the actress*: So if you wanna practice that tonight, I’m free

*cut to black, upbeat music plays*


*we see news broadcast footage showing Jackie Owens on various red carpets and at galas*

News Broadcaster: Hollywood mega-actor Jackie Owens has surpassed all expectations in his move behind the camera as a director and a producer

*close-up of Jackie giving an interview*

Jackie: I just want to say, to all those who doubted I could do it…I did

*Shot of Jackie at a conference, with Casey Maxwell (Aaron Eckhart) and Jacob Bennett (Kenneth Branagh)*

Jackie: I want this studio to really bring the heat and do the projects that no one else is brave enough to make.

Bennett *looking at some papers*: So why then are you proposing we make Skyjumper 2: Fall Faster?

Jackie: Well we obviously have to make money while we’re at it.

*cut to black, music gets more ambivalent*


*Casey Maxwell and his wife Sandy (Amy Ryan) eating dinner*

Casey: I really think I got a chance to make a huge splash at this new studio.

Sandy: Are you sure everything’s okay? You said your boss was giving you some trouble.

*we see quick shots of Bennett swiping stuff off of Casey’s desk, pushing Casey against a wall, and upending a small conference table*

*back at the dinner*

Casey: No, it’s nothing I can’t handle

*A meeting in a conference room*

Bennett: Maxwell I’m in charge here and you’re going to make the projects that I think this studio needs

Casey: You wanted me in this place to give some new life; well your ideas aren’t cutting it right now.

Bennett *irate*: This is MY STUDIO! *he bangs his fist as Jackie looks on, intrigued*

*cut to black, ominous music plays*


*Jackie is on a back street when a SUV pulls alongside and he is yanked in*

*Jackie is pushed into a chair in a dingy storage room opposite a criminal*

Carnahan (John Slattery): You owe us a million dollars Owens, and the debt’s long past due

Carnahan *leaning in close*: Don’t think you’re untouchable because you’re famous. You want to know what happened to the last Hollywood icon who failed to pay?

Owens: I imagine your breath had something to do with it

*A couple thugs punch and kick Owens*

Carnahan: You have 1 month Owens, after that we own you

*cut to black, pulsing music playing*


*Casey’s office, Jackie visits Casey*

Jackie: Hey Casey can we talk for a minute

Casey: Sure, have a seat

Jackie *sitting down*: I think we should murder Jacob Bennett

Casey *in disbelief*: …that was blunt

Jackie: I thought it was best to just let it out

*cut to black*


*Still at the same meeting*

Jackie: Look, I’ve got money problems, you hate Jacob Bennett’s guts, getting rid of him solves our problems

Casey: I don’t hate his guts

*Jackie gives a disbelieving look, a couple quick shots of Bennett acting terrible towards Casey*

Casey: Okay maybe I do, but this is crazy, it won’t work.

Jackie *smiling*: Trust me.

*Alex Grace’s house, Jackie meeting Alex*

Jackie: If anyone asks about my whereabouts for tomorrow night, I need you to say that I was here

Alex (Michelle Monaghan): So let’s be clear, you want me to lie that you were here with me and we were sleeping together?

Jackie: Come on, it’s no different from you lying the other 364 days of the year that we’re not sleeping together

*a few quick shots of Jackie and Alex making out and being intimate, then back to their conversation*

Alex: You’re unbelievable

Jackie: I know, it’s a gift.

*Casey and Sandy eating dinner again*

Sandy: You’ve been pretty on edge lately, something wrong?

*quick shots showing Casey and Jackie at Casey’s gun room, Casey handing Jackie a pistol and ammo*

Casey *at the dinner*: Work issues, nothing serious.

*A luxury yacht by a pier*

*Bennett arrives by car and enters the yacht, he goes inside and finds Jackie waiting with a gun*

Bennett: What do you think you’re doing?

Jackie: This is normally the part where the killer says it’s just business, but let’s face it, I don’t like you at all.

*Jackie pulls the trigger but the gun doesn’t do anything*

Bennett: You’d think after playing an action hero you’d know how to shoot a gun

Jackie: Well those guns never had actual bullets in them

*Bennett rushes Jackie, the two struggle briefly and then Jackie is finally able to shoot Bennett*

*cut to black, then we see quick shots of a police investigation at the pier, various houses, and the studio offices*

News Anchor *voiceover*: The police investigation into the disappearance of Jacob Bennett is still ongoing

*A group of policemen, led by Ari Finch (Guy Pearce), walk confidently up a driveway*

News Anchor *voiceover*: Investigators aren’t commenting on whether they have any suspects

*Jackie and Casey meeting in a car*

Casey: I’m getting a bad feeling about this

Jackie: Just relax and act like nothing’s wrong

*Finch lifts up a tarp in a hole, revealing Bennett’s body*

*A storage room*

Jackie: Okay, maybe time to panic a little


*Casey and Sandy arguing in their house*

Sandy: You’re shutting me out here! What is wrong with you!

Casey: You don’t want to know!

*Jackie and Alex at Alex’s house*

Jackie: I need to know if I can trust you on this?

Alex: You know I’m always there for you

*they kiss*

*a fiery car crash, music stops*

*Jackie on the phone*

Jackie: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

*Carnahan on a phone*

Carnahan: We’re protecting our investment

IT’S MURDER *music picks up with more intensity*

*Jackie dumping Bennett’s body into a hole*

*Casey rushing towards his house*

*Finch kicking down a door and entering a room, gun out*

*Jackie and Casey in a shouting match (voices not heard)*

*Casey and Sandy hugging tearfully*

*Finch shining a flashlight across the interior of the yacht*

*Carnahan closes the trunk of a car, film cuts to black*


*Finch and Jackie in an interrogation room*

Finch: I want you to know that I am going to find out the truth in this case, no matter what.

Jackie: Everyone says they want to know the truth, but no one is ever happy with what they learn

Finch: Did you just quote yourself from a movie?

Jackie: Yeah, Dangerous Lies, you’ve seen it?

Finch: Didn’t like it

Jackie *shrugs*: Well there’s no accounting for taste these days


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Teaser Trailer Numero Uno

Attached to : The Morrow II


[GOLDEN FILMS] (logo appears; a torch ignites and as it does, it spins to emit golden sparks and stars, revolving inside a framed golden globe of the earth) (5 sec)

*The first shot is a breathtaking glimpse of space, and in the distance is a colorful display of star light formations.* (8 sec)

*An arial view of a wooded land, the jungle an isthmus surrounded by beautiful and turbulent oceans.* (10 sec)

*Sunlight gleams off the horizon as the back of a man is seen approaching the top of a hill, and the camera peels back to show more are with him, their backs to the screen. The camera angles over the hill to show a large assembly of white-skinned humanoids marching in succession, as the man comes to the top of the hill to peer down at them.* (14 sec)

*The camera angles on the man's face: it is Russell Crowe.* (16 sec)

*Suddenly, Crowe ducks down as a wind whips over him, and from just above the hill a silver cruiser passes over and heads down to the valley below. Crowe leans up and watches.* (19 sec)

*The camera angles up to reveal more of the silver cruisers heading down from the azul sky, sunlight gleaming off their silvery exteriors.* (21 sec)

/the music, which to this point had been building up a mystical sound, suddenly stops dead, and the next shots are silent with flashes of sound between them, incoherent but it sounds like fighting, screaming, and chaos/

*An explosion shreds through a line of the white-skinned humanoids* (remember there is no sound on the shot, but after it we hear the sound of screams and anguish for a split second) (23 sec)

*Crowe and others running through dense shrubbery* (the sound becomes a whistle of a jet or something) (25 sec)

*An explosion shreds through jungle, tearing up trees, uprooting them, a conflagration spreading outwards.* (the sound rushes in of fighting in the background, of loudness and chaos that is indistinguishable, then fades out to silence in the enxt shot) (28 sec)

*An aerial view shows the flames spreading outward, and in the distance ahead of them trees are tumbling over on one another in the jungle, which as the camera peels back looks to spread on to all horizons.* (the sound rushes in of people giving orders over staticy channels, but the orders are blurred by sounds of people yelling and bombs dropping) (33 sec)

*Crowe and Sammuel L. Jackson (who looks mostly like himself but with effects that make him appear not entirely human) are running and suddenly bump into each other, then take on nasty looks as they prepare to charge on another.* (the sound of a woman's low scream rising gradually ensues, then cuts off before it gets too high) (36 sec)

/fade to black/

*Sammuel L. Jackson (humanoid thing, but it looks amazingly realistic) stands over a figure on the ground and raises a pike, which ignites into a stream of electrically charged energy at one end. He raises it over his head, blocking out the sunlight, and below on the ground we see the person is Russell Crowe.* (this shot has sound, but there's a whistling in the background) (42 sec)

/fade to black/

*A motorcycle-like cruiser thing whips through trees, leaps over a log, and suddenly flips through the air, the person on the back leaping onto Sammuel L. Jackson and knocking him to the ground.* (46 sec)

/fade to black/

* Gina Torres looking the same effects as Jackson, but very humanlike and realistic, appears, surrounded by lush and exotic jungle life* (48 sec)

Torres: "Leave him. Let him live."

*We see Jackson holding Crowe by the nape of his neck above the ground, and we get the sense that Jackson is larger than human and stronger too.*

Jackson: "He is not of this place."

Torres: "WE are not of this place. Not anymore."

*Jackson releases Crowe.*

Crowe: "And here I thought we were going to have a serious problem." (to Torres) "Tell your friend to keep his hands to himself, or I'll cut them off."

*Jackson glowers at Crowe* (58 sec)

*Shot of Crowe leading Torres and Jackson and some others through the jungle.* (60 sec)

Crowe (voiceover but it's like he's talking to them and not to us): "I don't know what you expect from this world. It's a lot different than the ones I've known before. But whoever these newcomers are...they don't like your kind."

*As he speaks these shots are shown:

-Torres is bathing near a beautiful lush stream

-Crowe pushes back a lock of Torres's hair and looks into her dreamy eyes* (64 sec)

Torres: "Then you will help us leave this world?"

*Shot of Crowe, Torres, and others creeping through a wooded area at night when suddenly flames erupt to their right and the ground around them gives way.* (67 sec)

*Shot of one of the silver cruisers from earlier. Suddenly, some ripple breaks through it, and an explosion of pulsating waves of air radiates outwards from the center until the shuttle is consumed and crumbles in a heap of debris.* (70 sec)

*Cut back to Crowe and Torres by the stream*

Crowe (as he's moving in to kiss): "I will do whatever I must to ensure you are safe."

*Just as their lips are about to lock, the screen fades to black.* (74 sec)

N i r v a n a

*The last shot shows an endless expanse of "heaven"...beautiful sky spreading onward, and suddenly through the clouds comes a hole in the air, a hole that widens and from it comes a terrible hissing noise. Sparks of lightning circle around the hole, and begin to forge a large bolt of lightning that's the width of the hole itself, aiming directly toward the screen. As it does so, the screen becomes white.* (79 sec)

Summer 04

Directed by Steven Spielberg (82 sec)

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No, I knew she wasn't real, but she was used in CAYOM 1.0 and I used her in Nirvaniceration films, so I just stuck with her. But if I find a real life black actress who could do the job I'll use her. Don't want Zoe Saldana though.

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Trailer 2

Attached to "Dawn of Souls II: Rebirth"


[GOLDEN FILMS] (logo appears; a torch ignites and as it does, it spins to emit golden sparks and stars, revolving inside a framed golden globe of the earth)

/music starts, low at first but melancholy/

*Shot of trees, towering as high as the Redwoods.*

*Sound of running as the shots of jungle growth flash across the screen, becoming a blur.* (in the background is the sound of a young girl's laughter)

*Leaves rustle as a human-like thing, pale white skin and very tall, with its back to the screen comes into a clearing.*

*Something pounces, knocking the white moon-skinned humanoid to the ground. The other thing vanishes too quickly into the trees to be seen.*

*Heavy breathing sounds as someone's running, and then there's a shot of one of the white-skinned humanoids lifting its head and staring at the screen, silvery eyes staring.*

/fade to black/

*Lucas (Russell Crowe) is speeding on a cruiser that looks like a motorcycle but has no wheels and hovers over the ground, when suddenly something hits him and he falls off the cruiser.*

*A shadow looms over him, and he holds a hand to his eyes to look up to what is hovering over him.*

Samuel L. Jackson's voice speaks: "You are not welcome here."

*Javin (Jackson), one of the white-skinned creatures, raises a pike over his head with an electric pulse starting at the end, preparing to strike Lucas, when suddenly one of the motorcycle cruisers spins out of control and someone leaps off, tackling Javin to the ground.*

Amira (Ginna Torres), also white-skinned and pale with silvery eyes, but beautiful and humanlike: "Stop!"

*Javin is holding Lucas by his neck, hoisting him above the ground.*

Javin: "He is not of here."

Amira: "WE are not of this place...not anymore."

*Shot of Lucas and a couple other humans standing in a circle around Javin and Amira.*

Amira: "I am Amira, and this is Aren."

*Lucas extends a hand to her, but she just stares at it and Javin growls.*

/Amira's voice narrates over the next scenes/

Amira voiceover: "Our world used to be at peace."

*Aerial shot of a large jungle. On a cliff over looking it, Lucas and Amira stand side-by-side, and far out in the jungle a flock of birds rises up.*

Amira voiceover: "But now it is torn asunder by war, and all I see is death in every face I see."

*Flames spread out in the jungle, becoming a conflagration that spreads with large walls of fire, knocking trees down.*

*Lucas is steering a silver cruiser through the canopy as flames race by him.*

Amira: "And we are not prepared for the new threat that encroaches upon our nirvana."

*Shot of brilliant clouds, sunlight gleaming through them to create a multitude of colors, as a shuttle cruises down through them, firing up on its entry.*

This summer

*Lucas, Amira, and Javin stand together near a cave.*

Lucas: "And what would you have me do?"

Amira: "I would ask for your help."

*Shot of Amira tied in a net on the ground and Lucas rushes to her and cuts the net loose.*

*Javin and a grey-skinned humanoid like him leap on top of a shuttle and each begin batting at each other with their pikes, which have electric pulses on the end and cause sparks to flare between them.*

Lucas: "Then we must unite your people and your enemies against these outsiders."

*Shot of the white-skinned humanoids in a clearing when suddenly grey-skinned ones surround them, but they wield no weapons.*

*Shot of Lucas coming to the top of a hill and looking down into the valley below, where a large army of white-skinned humanoids are gathered, horns blaring and drums rattling.*

Lucas voiceover: "It must be as if both sides are one. That is the only way you can survive."

*The shot fades out to a shot of white- and gray-skinned humanoids alike stand on a battlefield, and they open their mouths in roars and charge one another, pikes and other weapons drawn.*

Director Steven Spielberg will take you

*A shuttle is travelling through space, a moon in sight.*

*The shuttle is coming into a hangar, a light shining through it; it looks abandoned and is dark and eerie.*

*Lucas stands facing another man (Ralph Fiennes).*

Captain Nao (Fiennes): "You will show me this world."

*Shot of the same shuttle from earlier passing over water and approaching an isthmus of green land.*

Lucas voiceover: "They mean to use this world, to enslave its people. They wish for this world to be submissive."

*Shot of silver cruisers dipping out of the sky as Lucas stands on a hill with Amira and Javin near him.*

Isiel (Mark Wahlberg), confronting Lucas: "You think you understand these people? You do NOT understand them! You are not one of them."

*As he's saying this, there's a shot of Lucas and Isiel fighting, both rolling on the ground.*

Isiel: "You will never last out there on your own. They will find you and they will kill you!"

*As he says this, there's a shot of Amira and Javin fleeing for their life as one of the silver cruisers opens fire on them.*

*A shot of the silver cruises dropping bombs onto the field of soldiers, and the bombs explode in electric shock waves.*

To experience the world

*Breathtaking shots of mountaintops piercing through a clouds and their bottoms vanishing into mist.*

*Shot of waves crashing to the craggy shores.*

Lucas voiceover: "I will find her."

*Lucas and Amira stand by a tree together at night, and he brushes her hair aside.*

Amira: "I've never met anyone like you before. You're different; unique."

*Their eyes are locked, and they move in closer, their lips touching.*

Isiel (shouting): "I want him found, and I want him killed!"

*As he shouts this, there's a shot first of him ordering someone off screen, then of Lucas speeding in a silver cruiser as another one follows from behind, opening fire.*

Of nirvana

*A silver cruiser passes low over Lucas, Javin, Amira, and Isiel's heads as they stand on a grassy hill, and they all duck as the shuttle roams over.*

*White-skinned humanoids climb up trees and boulders, and some charge forward, all mouths open in guttural war cries as they race ahead.*

*Humans open fire, bullets shredding through the natives as they race at them, but some push through, and we see Javin among them, slamming fist into heads and cracking skulls.*

*An explosion erupts on one of the silver cruisers, splitting it in half. Both halfs free-fall toward the ground.*

*Lucas and Isiel lock pikes together then double back.*

Captain Nao (appearing on-screen, from a shuttle looking out the window): "This world was made to be ours. They fight for nothing."

From the studio that brought you "Genesis"

*Lucas and Isiel are racing on the motorcycle-like cruisers through tall trees, then Isiel rams his into Lucas's side trying to knock him down.*

*Amira's head emerges from clear water, and it's obvious she's naked beneath the surface.*

*White-skinned humanoids climb over city walls and start stealthily moving through the streets.*

*One of them comes upon a gray-skinned humanoid and slits its throat from behind.*

Comes the motion picture event of the summer

*Aerial shot showing the conflagration spreading through the jungle as a single silver cruiser tries to keep ahead of the flames and above the trees.*

*Javin and another humanoid leaping from tree-to-tree, Javin chasing the other.*

*Javin and that humanoid fall from a tree and crash onto the top of a shuttle, then start pounding each other with fists.*

*Lucas holds Amira's hand tightly as around them people are falling to the ground and lightning is striking.*

Lucas voiceover (speaking to Amira): 'I don't want to lose you."

*Lucas and Amira swim in the clear water together, both evidently naked though covered by the water.*

Lucas (facing Amira): "And I will do what I have to to make sure you are safe."

*Their lips touch.*


*A hole opens in the sky, and there's a loud sucking sound. Lightning starts spinning around the edges of the hole then aims for the ground.*

*Giant beams of lightning hit the ground and craters form where they hit.*

*Lucas, holding Amira, looks up toward the sky, and there we see the large hole spewing lightning and making a loud hissing sucking sound, and next to it a second, and then a third hole start to form.*

07 . 02 . 04

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Defiance Teaser Trailer

{Throughout the trailer static flashes on the screen and sometimes it goes black.}


We see a road in the desert. Cars lay burning on the side.

The Number 2 Production Logo Appears

*Male voice over while images flash: “We knew it was coming….but we never thought it would be like this.”*

A plane crashing into the World Trade Towers.

People running while ash falls around them.

Islamic militants wave rifles in the air.

We see Muslims protesters in Tehran in 1979.

We see pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini and Osama Bin Laden.

We see hostages lined up at executed.

*The screen goes black at the end of the voice over*

The World's Greatest Civilization

We see a tank fire and a football stadium explode

We see thousands of Islamic soldiers sweep the streets of San Francisco shooting people

The American flag on top the of White House burns


We see soldiers ripe down the Hollywood sign

We see President Obama giving a speech on TV

Anti-Islamic signs waive in the air outside of a mosque

We see fighting the streets

People running as gun fire rips through a church

A minaret collapses on hundreds of people

Timur Bekmambetov



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Attached to Ready, Player One and A Series Of Unfortunate Events

*Hourglass Picture Logo - stylized on an old projector*

*We see a picture of a human brain soon after, as well as slides with additional info.*

Coach Oleander: The Human mind: 600 miles of synaptic fiber, five and a half ounces of cranial fluid, 1500 grams of complex neural matter... a three-pound pile of dreams.

*We see a battlefield with a wild sky: it is very stylized.*

Coach: But I'll tell you what it really is. It is the ultimate battlefield--and, the ultimate weapon.

*We see a giant lungfish approach two children, as well as other weird monsters of the mental world*

Coach: The wars of this modern age--The Psychic Age--are fought somewhere between these damp, curvaceous undulations.

*A boy, Razputin, walks down a wildly distorted neighborhood street, among other crazy settings*

From this day forward, you are all psychic soldiers. Paranormal paratroopers! Mental marines who are about to ship out on the adventure of their lives!

*We cut back to the slide show, and Coach Oleander is talking once again.*

This (points to the brain diagram) is our beachhead! And this [points to his own head] is your landing craft. You shall engage the enemy in his own mentality--you shall chase his dreams, you shall fight his demons, you shall live his nightmares!

*We see various action shots found in this wacky world*

Coach: And those of you who fight well, you will find yourselves on the path to becoming international secret agents-- in other words...


The rest of you... will die!

*We see a group of children, all animated in a charicturistic style. They are clearly terrfied, and one begins to cry.*


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Attached to Lord Madship

*A man named David (Andrew Garfield) is standing at an airport in line, with the sounds of screams filling the soundtrack. The Blankments logo flickers on screen, and it cuts to two government agents (Denis Leary and Clark Gregg) in front of David, who is now handcuffed to the table.*

Agent Clark Gregg: Do you know what you did?

David: I don't remember anything.

*Cut to an airplane falling out the sky. Cut back to David, who is now alone at the table. He jerks up in shock when he hear a voice (Joseph Gordon-Levitt.)*

Off-screen voice: You really don't know anything?

*David recognizes the voice.*

David: Mark? What happened to you?

Off-screen Mark: I appear as you see me most. Now, you're asleep right now, under some experimental medication. You need to escape this facility and get back to the airport to wake up.

David: What if I don't?

*Cut to the agenst smiling as they each reach for a gun.*

Mark V.O.: If you don't get to the airport and hijack that plane, forget about waking up. Ever.

David V.O.: What?


*Cut to a car chase with David being chased by the agents with gunshots going on in the background, which hit the car in mini-dream-like explosions.*


*The same car chase is going on, but now, a sword fight is happening on the roof between Agent Denis Leary and David, and David is using a laser sword.*


*David is riding a winged donkey up a waterfall in a very surreal shot when suddenly, the water turns to lava.*


*Cut to David walking down a hallway.*

David: Y'know Mark, even though you hate it, I find your current... form to be amusing.

*The camera turns to Mark, revealing he is the winged donkey. He rolls his eyes.*

Mark: I always knew you thought I was an ass.


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WOW! I think I won't have time to do this. Are we supposed to describe all the trailers of our movies? Because some of my movies have 3 trailers!

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Teaser released in September Year 5.An extended part of the intro to this song (the bit before the drums kick in) begins to play

*ArkLight Pictures logo appears**a man is running through a metallic corridor, the camera keeps close to him and shakes, giving the sensation of claustrophobia and being pursued**we can see he is tightly clutching the handle of a suitcase which he runs with*Voiceover: We are nothing but a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings...*the man runs past a corridor with windows, as the camera goes through them (while facing him and we can still he's still running along the corridor*Voiceover: We only try to survive past our time....so that we may live into yours.*the music swells as the drums kick in, and the camera pans back to reveal the windows are on the side of a massive, massive space ship floating nearby a gas giant**the camera pans back quicker and quicker, as it passes the gas giant's moon, other planets, then zooms out of the solar system and pans back quicker and quicker past other stars, then out of the whole galaxy where the camera lingers for a second on the spectacular image of the galaxy glittering with stars**the camera pans back even further and between the V of three giant metallic 3D letters that appear to be hanging in space: EVE**the music stops and the camera goes black**YEAR 6* Edited by Hunch
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