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Teaser released for Attack on Titan.


We begin with our protagonist Eren Yeager (played by Logan Lerman) standing on an enormous stone wall, overlooking a large, abandoned old fashioned town. He slowly falls forward off the wall into the town but, before he hits the ground, two grappling hooks attacked with wires shoot from his uniform, enabling him to swing between the streets. He does so, faster and faster, running across rooftops, doing impressive stunts, as the music increases in speed and tempo. Other people, dressed in the same uniform as Eren can be seen doing so as well nearby. Eventually, Eren reaches an enormous wall, just like the one he jumped off of, and quickly rappels up it, propelling himself into the air as the music reaches a crescendo.


However, the camera slowly turns in midair to reveal this on the other side of the wall...

Posted Image


The Colossal Titan turns towards the camera and lets out an earth-shattering roar.






Or alternately, I'll go with a live-action version of this.



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Rome, Sweet Rome Teaser (43 seconds)


LLA Associates Presents


The teaser opens with a short scene of six American Marines patrolling in a dark forest


The leader points ahead indicating a source of noise ahead, which sounds like boots and clanking of armor


Directed by Joss Whedon


The patrol hides behind some bushes, and watch in amazement as hundreds of Roman soldiers march by in perfect formation.


"We're definitely not in Kansas."


One Marine Unit


*Action montage of thirteen seconds, with some dramatic music*


First brief scene showing two Sea Knight helicopters flying low over Ancient Rome. The Romans panic in the streets below while you can see some priests chanting some obscenities. 


Brief scene of a single US marine in front of the Roman Senate staring at the emperor, Augustus (Played by Hugh Bonneville)


Against the might of the Roman Empire


Another scene flashes by, showing marines behind parked Humvees shooting at horsemen in the distance.


Final quick scene shows a temple in flames as an Abrams tank drives by.  


"We all lose in the end." (Voiceover)


Rome, Sweet Rome


Coming this November

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Blankments and Spaghetti, my predictions for BP this year came down to ten this year. I just did a process of elimination though.Hateful Eight Redux, Clear and Present Danger, Lord of the Flies, Dawn of Men, Tulpa, Psychosis, The Nodding Tiger, A Specific Kind of Nature, No Greater Glory, and Timothy's Gift.

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One contender? Y'all should know that after the last ceremony, I won't be handling this year with kid gloves. :ph34r:


Mind you, I got Wes Anderson to win BP in Y5, and my second collaboration with him is coming this year.

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Blankments and Spaghetti, my predictions for BP this year came down to ten this year. I just did a process of elimination though.Hateful Eight Redux, Clear and Present Danger, Lord of the Flies, Dawn of Men, Tulpa, Psychosis, The Nodding Tiger, A Specific Kind of Nature, No Greater Glory, and Timothy's Gift.




You picked the fourth-most likely of my films to get nominated, so either you're way far off or see far better than the rest of us.

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One contender? Y'all should know that after the last ceremony, I won't be handling this year with kid gloves. :ph34r:


Mind you, I got Wes Anderson to win BP in Y5, and my second collaboration with him is coming this year.



At least you have one :P But 'tis okay. I'm coming for all your wigs :P 

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My big Oscar vehicle this year is me simply doing what I do best; Hollywood satire with characters being real people



Hollywood Satire as in about Hollywood? cus my OC is about Hollywood :ph34r:

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Hollywood Satire as in about Hollywood? cus my OC is about Hollywood :ph34r:

Hateful Eight Redux is a Tarantino revenge fantasy about Tarantino getting revenge on Gawker for leaking his script, so he puts together a team of eight directors to storm Gawker headquarters and kill them all, but Tarantino's best bro, Robert Rodriguez, thinks Tarantino's going overboard and thus assembles a team of another eight directors to stop Tarantino before he goes too far and gets caught.


Simple plot but it'll fun and Tarantino-y

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Hollywood-themed OCs rarely win BP in this game.



I should know, because in old CAYOM I think I made the only one that did.  :ph34r:


And it was directed by Tarantino.  :ph34r:




There was a Broadway-esque themed one that won a few game years earlier, but who cares about Broadway anyway.  :ph34r:

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Rich and Famous was sort of Hollywood-ish, but it really just explored celebrity culture. I also recently came up with an idea for the ending that, while straight up darker than the original silver lining based ending, kind of works better with the snarky tone.

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New Trailer for Overdrive! Now with music!





0:00-0:14: We open on a cargo plane with several racing cars on board. Troy Walker (Ryan Gosling) walks between them, in slow motion towards his car.


0:14-0:29: Troy gets into his car in slow motion while we hear a voiceover.


Troy: When I'm in a car... I feel different. Powerful. Like the whole world is at my finger tips and there's nothing anyone can do to stop me.


0:29-0:35: We cut to a sweeping landscape of first a desert, then a city, while another voiceover plays.


Reece (Aaron Paul): They call it the Overdrive. The top drivers in the world race across the most dangerous environments imaginable.


0:35-0:44: We get flashes of a news broadcast with the Dictator of Anmiria, General Crone (Gary Oldman)


Reporter: At a new conference today, General Crone promised that any Overdrive racers found on Anmiria soil would be killed on sight.


General Crone: I will not tolerate this defiance!


0:44-0:56: Flash cuts of Troy preparing for the race, including one of him in the arms of a beautiful girl, Ramira (Dakota Johnson)


Ramira: Troy, I don't want you to go. If you take part in this race, you'll die for certain.


0:56-0:58 Cut to close up of Troy's face, in his car as the cargo plane doors begin to open


Troy: We'll see.


0:58-1:01: Quick cuts of Troy hitting the accelerator and handling the gear stick.


1:01-1:15: 15 seconds of quick cuts of gloriously badass racing action, including scenes in the desert, in the city, on a racetrack and several racecars getting flipped or totalled.


1:15-1:29: Shots of all the other racers in the race, including Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Emily Blunt, Iko Uwais, Jamie Foxx, Michelle Rodriguez, Sam Worthington, Rosario Dawson + Zoe Bell, Jeremy Clarkson + Richard Hammond + James May and a mysterious masked individual with the word 'KING' painted on the hood of his car.


1:29-1:41: Quick shots of other side characters, places and cars, including Reece, Ramira and two badass mercenaries hired by Crone (played by Dolph Lundgren and Willem Dafoe)


1:41-1:44: Shot of Crone slamming his fist on his desk.


Crone: I want those racers dead!!


1:44-1:57: More quick cuts of badass racing, this time with several military vehicles thrown in, including a tank smashing through a building. Also, much more explosions and awesome stunts.


1:57: The music comes to an end for the title screen. (You may want to listen on anyway)





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Polybius (Teaser Trailer)

Released September, Year 8

Debuted with Death Note: The Game Begins




The Alpha Pictures logo crawls in, in black pixels with a white border.


We see a line outside a place named Button Mashing Arcade, fulls of teenagers and children.




We cut to a local news report, 1980s style.


Female News Reporter: And now in the world of electronics, this hit arcade game has been one of the most successful among players in local Portland.


The same reporter is interviewing a 17 year old in line.


Female News Reporter: Tell me, what is the craze about this new game?


17 Year Old: It's just plain awesome, I play it every day, every week, 24/7.




We fade in to a young man in a leather jacket named Jeff (Sterling Beaumon), now in the present day, in an abandoned factory, with a sheet of cloth over an arcade cabinet.


Jeff: You need to come with me. I found it.




An African-American teenager named Perry (Phillip Bolden) looks at Jeff in a living room.


Perry: Found what?


Jeff looks at a plan for the manufacturing of the cabinent for a game called Polybius.


Jeff: The game that took my father away.




In a testing room, two scientists look at a teenager placing his hands on a Polybius cabinet, staring intently.


Jeff holds a gun towards someone off screen.


An older man in a business suit (Bryan Cranston) looks with surprise in a fiery building.



Business Man: We can change the future.


A quarter is inserted into a slot. Flashing images then appear on-screen.




A quirky teenager named Lawrence (Noah Gray-Cabey) throws papers onto a desk.


Lawrence: They're behind it. All of them.


We see Lawrence looking at street corner, seeing a shadow.


Lawrence: And now I can't tell the difference between reality...


We see Lawrence's fingers rattle on a keyboard.


Lawrence: ..and my imagination.


Flashing images of pain and torture, along with blips of screaming appear for 3 seconds. Then, cut to black. Then, fade in to a still shot of gamers in 1981 surrounding a Polybius cabinet.


Business Man: The only way to right a wrong, is to do it through force.







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Attached to Teen Titans




We hear rainforest sounds on a black screen. 4 seconds later, a torch illuminates the Alpha Pictures logo.


We then see a vast jungle outside of a cave. We hear loud, giant footsteps, and then we see a black-bricked robotic foot trample a tree. We cut to it, and it's the giant Charnon House walker from Amulet.




The song "Skeletons" by Stevie Wonder starts playing, and we cut to a young girl (Emily) with an amulet around her neck, staring into the distance.


Emily: I don't know how much longer I can deal with this power.


We cut to Emily on top of a train, fighting elves with a stick. She smashes it on the ground, which causes a wave of energy to swarm around her.



We then see a dangerous hunter with an ominous mask (Galiban) on his face.


Galiban: I'm going to find this Stonekeeper, no matter how many lives it takes.


We see a blimp being fired upon, then we see the Elf King, with his trademark mask on his face.




The Elf King: Trellis, I have given you many chances.


We see a rebel elf with shredded clothing (Trellis) looking into the distance at the Charnon House, then we cut to black.


The Elf King (V.O.): And this is your last one.


We see Emily rise into the air, gathering elements around her to form a giant red ball. The ball finally explodes in blinding light, sending an army flying away into the distance, and destroying a mountain top.




We fade in to a humanoid cat captain, along with Emily, looking in awe.


Captain: Oh my gosh.


We see a blimp heading towards a giant city in the clouds.



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Attached to Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson Vs. The Underworld 




*A chorus of children sing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"*


*A montage of Christmas cheer*




*Children celebrate all over the world*




*A giant tree is lit up*




*Santa's sleigh rides through the night*




*Santa (Billy Bob Thorton) drinks a beer from his sleigh*


*He hears a giant helicopter through the sky*


*A man from the helicopter (Nicolas Cage) comes out from the Window*


Cage: I'm going to destroy your ass, Santa!


Santa: God damnit.


*Santa activates machine guns in his sleigh*


THIS HOLIDAY SEASON *Heavy metal version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas comes on*


*Santa toys with his weapon collection*


*Mrs. Claus (Mila Kunis) joins him as well*


Mrs. Claus: You're not gonna beat this bitch alone.




*Samuel L. Jackson (as himself) appears in Santa's workshop*


*We see a muscular man, Kris (Dolph Lundgren) with an army of wolves*




*Frank (Nicolas Cage) summons a demon using a pentagram*


*Presents are dropped from the sky a la bombs*




*Lundgren, Jackson, Thorton, and Kunis stand in a line with weapons out*


Thorton: Chuck, Liam, take a look at how it's really done.





*Santa, Mrs. Claus, Kris, Jackson, and Jackie (Claire Holt) stand outside a castle made of ice*


Jackie: Are you sure this guy is for real?


Mrs. Claus: He may be helpful to our cause, if he's not the creep he normally is.


*We see a wizard come downstairs in glorious robes, we zoom up and see his face.*


*We then get our first glimpse at the Ice Wizard (Tommy Wiseau)*


Ice Wizard: Oh, hi, Santa.





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'Life in the Wild' Teaser Trailer

Attached to Area 142

Length: 2:19


Trailer Music:



The trailer begins in 1.33 stereoscopic format, and an older anthropomorphic fox (Tom Wilkinson) sits inside a diner booth.


Wilkinson: Gentlemen, I'd like to tell you a story. And it's a long one.


We cut to two younger British foxes (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), sitting on the other end of the table.


Pegg: How long will this take? I've got a date in an hour.


Wilkinson: About the length of an entire movie.


Pegg: Well then, didn't like Sharon anyways.


Frost: *tips glass* Waitress?


The Alpha Pictures logo and the Hollywood Animation Studios come up. The trailer switches to 2.40:1, the music starts, and we see a younger version of Wilkinson's character (Jason Bateman), talking to his father (Bill Murray) in a household.


Murray: You've been through a lot of crap in your life.


We see flashes where different students laugh at Bateman's character as a child, as their thoughts come into his head and create a loud buzzing noise.


Murray (V.O.): I don't want you getting in trouble in the big city.


We cut back to Bateman's character.


Bateman: I was on parole Dad. I'm a new fox.


Murray's character looks at him.


Murray: No you're not.


We see brief flashes of action sequences between different characters engaged in different kinds of animated, furry madness.




We see a group of six different characters, gathered around and having fun at a party, as Alec Baldwin's character narrates.


Baldwin (V.O.): So we've got Professor X...


We see two buildings explode as Bateman's character concentrates intently.


Baldwin (V.O.): ...the Incredible Shrinking Bunny...


We see David Henrie's character, a rabbit inside a suit, knocking out a wolf's teeth.


Baldwin (V.O.): ...a egotistical monster...


We see Channing Tatum's character, who appears to be a giant cat, walking down a street and eating two cars with delight.


Baldwin (V.O.): ...a retired astronaut...


We see Alec Baldwin's character, a dog, shooting down two guards as he bounces through a hallway.


Baldwin (V.O.): ...the woman in the crowd...


We see Jennifer Lawrence's character, a cardinal, dissapear as two bad guys hold her hostile. Suddenly, one of them gets kicked in the crowd, and screams.


Baldwin (V.O.): ...and Horseface.


The music cuts out, and we see Tara Strong's character, a unicorn (well, you probably saw this coming  :ph34r: ), look at him in dismay.


Strong: That's a very strong word you're throwing.


Henrie: Yeah, she'll probably sue you for committing a hate crime.


Tatum: You people are so dissapointing.




We see Ralph Fiennes character, a tiger, pounding on a desk.


Fiennes: I want them dead, now!


We see Bateman's character breaking into a museum.




We cut to Jason Scwartzman's character, a squirrel, talking to robotic anthromorphic animals with weapons.


Scwartzman: I want all of the Bloodhounds ready in 5 minutes.


Another squirrel (Jonah Hill) looks at him confused.


Hill: Who are the Bloodhounds?


We cut to a giant army of anthropomorphic bloodhounds, led by one played by Ice Cube, who cracks his paws.


Cube: Somebody gonna die tonight.




We then have about 20 seconds of awesome action sequences, where all of the main heroes kick ass, along with some beautiful money shots in the process.




We see the six heroes inside the hub of a spacecraft, meeting with Pratt's character.


Strong: Do you have any experience with flying, earthbound or in space?


The music cuts out, and we focus on Pratt's character.


Pratt: Well, when I was younger, growing up on a farm, after me and my family ate a huge meal, I'd go out...and cropdust.


The five stare at him blankly.


We then cut to a money shot of Pratt's character in an epic space battle, intently shooting the crap out of the enemy ships. Then we cut back to Pratt's character talking to the group.


Pratt: I mean, bring the cropdust in!


Jason Bateman

David Henrie
Channing Tatum
Alec Baldwin
Tara Strong

Jennifer Lawrence
Ralph Fiennes

Chris Pratt

Jason Schwartzman
Jonah Hill

Ice Cube

Bradley Cooper
Michael B. Jordan

Bill Murray

Charlie Day
Nick Offerman
Andy Samberg
Elizabeth Banks
Edward Norton
Isla Fisher
Nathan Fillion
Tilda Swinton
Benedict Cumberbatch
Idina Menzel
Woody Harrelson
Meryl Streep
Ken Watanabe
Simon Pegg
Nick Frost
and Tom Wilkinson




JUNE 19TH, Y10

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Attached to Area 142





*We see a teenager sitting on top of the Space Needle, overlooking a Seattle undergoing much construction.* 

Alex (Paul Dano) VO: So here I am, the hero of all these stories.

*We see the wedding of Alex and Zenta (Bryce Dallas Howard), on top of a beautiful cosmic forest.* (0:31)

Alex VO: I thought I could finally get a break.

*We see Alex spending time with his friends, Zenta, Ezen, Degg, Arino, and Plip. They are looking at the stars.* (0:39)

Alex VO: To finally settle down in a better world.

*We see children playing with toys of Alex, Zenta, and Ezen* (0:46)

Alex VO: I should have known better. (0:53, music cuts out at "then")

*Blackout. We cut to the wedding, where white starships in a somewhat abstract style begin to attack. Everyone begins to run away and panic, while Zenta and Alex run away together.*


*Alex and his allies are talking about finding a strategy.*

Arino (Jeremy Shada): We’re with you till the end, Alex. We always were.

*Arino is testing out some new weapons, admiring their sleek design*

Degg (Steven Barr): I just hope we can get there together.


Zenta: I’ve never seen anything like them.

*We see a large fleet of starships engaged in battle in the middle of space*

*Zenta is defending civilians at a hospital*

*Alex looks at a screen and sheds tears.*


*We see giant monsters rise up from the ground of several worlds, as Alex looks on in fear.*

Ezen (Benedict Cumberbatch): Well....I certainly hope you’re ready.

Alex: So do I.

*A fast cut of action sequences, including swordfights, battles in bright city squares, and cosmic chase sequences take place, cumulating in Alex and Zenta falling together through the air, struggling to grab onto one another.* (A mix of instrumentals take over, building to a blackout)

*Blackout. Cut to a mysterious female alien commanding a fleet of starships.*

Anvyra Ke (Shohreh Aghdashloo): Alexander, you must realize that no matter what you do, you and your worlds will eventually fall. When you finally understand this....you will find what you have waited for.


*We see a group shot of the six heroes closing their eyes, as we hear Alex say, “I love you.”*

MAY 22ND, Y10


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Watch Dogs Teaser Trailer attached to Allegiant


We see a man, Aiden Pearce


We see the lights in a stadium going down


This is my life, says a voice over


A car explodes


We see a woman locked in a warehouse crying


We see Damien in a car


An image of Rossi-Fremont


An image of T-Bone


I am a hacker, and a vigilant, says the voice


Manhole covers explode and water comes out of it while Aiden drives in the road where that is happening


We see a bunch of police cars chasing him


I will fight for the weak and chase the immoral ones, says the voice


We see a lighthouse (there is a man in it outside)


We see Aiden pointing a gun at something


We see him hugging a kid in a garden


I am Aiden Pearce, says the voice, while we see a close-up of his face


The whole light in the city goes down in a wide shot


Title shows up - WATCH_DOGS





Watch Dogs Final Trailer attached to Green Lantern


We see a opening where Aiden is in a car with his sister and their sons


Someone attacks them


A bullet hits a little girl


We see Aiden in a cemetery promising revenge


A resume of the story follows


We see T-Bone saying "It is show time"


The lights in a stadium go down


The last minute is an action montage


It includes Aiden driving and jumping on a bridge while it opens


It ends with Damien on a phone, saying that Aiden forced him to do this, while clicking on a button in his cellphone


Aiden is driving and trying to escape the police, while talking to Damien on the phone, when a huge explosion is heard


The building at his right side in front of him starts to fall


Aiden accelerates for the building to not fall over him


Images closes




"This is just the beginning", says Damien


We see a fast moment where the lights in the city all go down




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