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JAPAN BOX OFFICE | Demon Slayer breaks all time record for OW

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If Mimorin numbers are true Your Name is going to gets its second consecutive daily record of admissions. The cume of three days is near 900K in usual location or about 1,35M total (maybe 1,8BY gross?). This could definitively put YN on Frozen's footsteps (even if normal weekdays are weaker) for a certain +200M$ final total. Other, today number (obviously if it is true) is very close to Frozen's single day record (360K UL adm in GW monday).

BTW i see YN in a internet good quality copy english subbed, it's very good but not exceptional. In my opinion Memories of Marnie (or When Marnie Was There I think) is still the #1 of 2010's among Japanese animated (but I am not a Japanese). 

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22 hours ago, DamienRoc said:

I hadn't seen any of his films before, so I've been trying to catch them. So far in the past couple of days I've seen Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in our Early Days, and 5 Centimeters Per Second.


And, overall, I appreciate his craft, but I think he leans a bit too hard on the melancholy for my tastes. 5cm in particular almost lost me in the third act, but he almost manages to recover in the final shot of the film. Of the three, I think I like Place Promised the best. It's still melancholy, but there's some interesting worldbuilding, and the ending is a bit more, ahem, promising.


I've got Children who Chase Lost Voices sitting on the stack, so I'll probably check that out in the next day or two.


He's good, but at least personally, I don't think I'd call him the next Miyazaki. His emotional range isn't as broad as Miyazaki. I'd say that Mamoru Hosoda is more of a spiritual successor in that regard.


But if we're talking about box office, then, yeah. Your Name is clearly in the Miyazaki conversation.


I've seen 5 Centimeters Per Second, Garden of Words, and Children Who Chase Lost Voices (and own them all on BD, and I'd generally say that I'm a fan of Shinkia's), but I agree with your assessment. And while I'm always enamored with his visuals (I mean, AMAZING), I'd take it a bit further and say he's nowhere near Miyazaki in terms of writing and storytelling, which I feel relies way too heavily on melodrama and sugary sentimentality, and the pseudo-philosophical voice-overs that say so much yet fail to say much of anything don't do the films many favors either.


He's been proclaimed to be the next Miyazaki (along with Hosoda) for a long time now, way before he broke out like this, but for the aforementioned reasons, the comparisons have never felt earned to me. I agree that Hosoda feels much more like the next Miyazaki, though I don't feel he's quite reached Miyazaki's heights yet either. I would have said that Hosoda's great box office indicated that the public was embracing him as the next Miyazaki as well, but that was before Shinkai completely leapfrogged him with Your Name. lol


I've always felt that Shinkai would have really strong films if he had a good writer on board with him, but considering how well-received the new film is, I'm willing to reevaluate my assessment of him. He's never had a production this huge, and maybe that has actually benefited him. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing this, and pleasantly surprised by this unbelievable success.

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(C) 2016「君の名は。」製作委員会


Weekend Actuals (09/17-18)
01 (01) ¥1,076,215,400 ($10.5 million), -05%, ¥8,534,654,800 ($83.0 million), Your Name. (Toho) WK4
02 (---) ¥283,280,000 ($2.7 million), 0, ¥283,280,000 ($2.7 million), A Silent Voice (Shochiku) NEW
03 (02) ¥238,321,400 ($2.3 million), -39%, ¥976,184,770 ($9.5 million), Suicide Squad (Warner Bros.) WK2
04 (---) ¥233,000,000 ($2.2 million), 0, ¥233,000,000 ($2.2 million), Rage (Toho) NEW
05 (04) ¥197,656,200 ($1.9 million), -09%, ¥6,990,968,200 ($67.6 million), Shin Godzilla (Toho) WK8
06 (03) ¥177,000,800 ($1.7 million), -28%, ¥619,987,400 ($6.0 million), Your Lie in April (Toho) WK2
07 (05) ¥150,576,900 ($1.5 million), -32%, ¥601,821,000 ($5.8 million), Samurai Hustle Returns! (Shochiku) WK2
08 (---) ¥113,420,000 ($1.1 million), 0, ¥113,420,000 ($1.1 million), The BFG (Disney) NEW
09 (07) ¥72,991,700 ($714,000), -34%, ¥4,009,035,100 ($39.1 million), The Secret Life of Pets (Toho-Towa) WK6
10 (06) ¥66,990,700 ($653,000), -44%, ¥360,031,000 ($3.5 million), Gods of Egypt (Gaga) WK2


>Your Name. effortlessly retains its hold atop the box office and based on estimates; finally breaking Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone's 15-year highest fourth weekend record.  In its fourth weekend, it stayed above 800,000 admissions once again, and also becomes the first film to ever achieve a fourth weekend above ¥1 billion, too.  Words are becoming hard to come by to describe this film at this point..


Also, after Monday, the film exceeded the ¥9 billion ($89 million) milestone on 6.98 million admissions on its 25th day in release, making it the second fastest film to ever reach the mark behind, again, only Spirited Away.  It's on course to reach the ¥10 billion ($100 million) milestone on Thursday, only its 28th day in release, which will make it the second fastest film to reach the uber-blockbuster milestone after, again, only Spirited Away (25 days). 


There seems to be no slowing down for this film (seriously, expect to see it at #1 until sometime in November), and the fact that it's outpacing everything other than Spirited Away with minimal holiday support (only two days worth after this Thursday) is absolutely incredible, and is without a doubt the most impressive run in Japan of all-time.  Expect this one to likely exceed ¥20 billion ($200 million).


>A Silent Voice debuts in a distant, but strong, second place.  The anime film is also playing at just 120 locations, making this debut all the more impressive.  And since Monday, the film earned ¥411,126,450 ($4.0 million) on 310,083 admissions.  Shochiku has another small-scale anime success on their hands here, and I wouldn't rule out a potential run at ¥2 billion ($20 million).


>Rage settles for a fourth place start, but with a debut over the weekend frame comfortably above ¥200 million, and a 3-day total of of ¥348,438,000 ($3.4 million) on 264,722 admissions across 324 screens after Monday, this opening is perfectly acceptable.  


>Shin Godzilla is back to enjoying its incredible holds and remains in the Top 5 in its eighth week of release.  After Monday, it has exceeded ¥7 billion ($68 million) on 4.87 million admissions.  There is now a strong likelihood that the third reboot of the Godzilla franchise is going to reach ¥8 billion ($75 million+) with over 5.5 million admissions... this result is truly exceptional, as it's going to become the most-attended Godzilla film since 1965, and only the second domestic live-action film to reach ¥8 billion since 2009.  Toho could not have hoped for more from their third reboot of their most-iconic creation.


>The BFG bombed.  There isn't much to really say here other than how disappointing this number is, especially with Spielberg at the helm.


>The Secret Life of Pets quietly exceeded ¥4 billion over its sixth weekend, and probably last weekend in the Top 10.  In doing so, it's only the second non-Disney/Pixar, imported animated film, to ever reach that milestone (the first being Minions).

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September can sometimes be strong, depending on the strength of the Summer holdovers and what's released in mid-September to take advantage of the couple holidays that week (sometimes a tentpole or two finds itself in that slot).  It is, however, still one of the weaker months, while October is definitely among the weakest.


It usually goes (not 100% of the time, mind you):

August > July > December > April > March > January > September > February  > May > November > June > October.


The weakest four months can vary in position, it just depends on the holdovers from the prior month and if any opener manages to breakout.   


So, if Your Name. does indeed continue its insane pace and winds up near or over 20 billion ($200 million), its release just makes it all the more impressive since its run didn't occur over any of the strongest months.  It'll make it through December (in its 15th week...), but you get my point.

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On 9/18/2016 at 3:07 PM, Spidey Freak said:


Yeah, I've watched 5 cm too. I agree with that assessment.


The concept of Your Name sounds intriguing so I wonder if it his strongest work yet. Have heard a lot about Garden of Words too. He is no Miyazaki, Takahata or Kon but I'm happy that he is finding this kind of success. 


As for Hosoda, I've only watched Wolf Children, which was great. I've heard the rest of his work have their flaws so didn't prioritize watching them yet.


Summer Wars is pretty terrific. I'm also quite fond of his The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and The Boy and The Beast.

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I also appreciate Hosoda's work more than Shinkai's.  But it's pretty clear that Shinkai's work definitely resonated with Japanese audiences more over the years, indicated in the most incredible way possible by his first wide theatrical release (Your Name.).

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20 minutes ago, Corpse said:

I also appreciate Hosoda's work more than Shinkai's.  But it's pretty clear that Shinkai's work definitely resonated with Japanese audiences more over the years, indicated in the most incredible way possible by his first wide theatrical release (Your Name.).


Shinkai's stuff is way more visually striking, but for me Hosoda's stuff connects with me more, I can see why Shinkai's films make more money though. His movies tend to be way more "epic" in scope.

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17 hours ago, Corpse said:

(seriously, expect to see it at #1 until sometime in November)


That's what I'm banking on. Or I'm banking on it being a long run anyway, since I will likely be in Japan at the end of Nov. and it'd be great if I can catch this. 


11 hours ago, Corpse said:

I also appreciate Hosoda's work more than Shinkai's.  But it's pretty clear that Shinkai's work definitely resonated with Japanese audiences more over the years, indicated in the most incredible way possible by his first wide theatrical release (Your Name.).


I wonder. Because I don't feel like Shinkai could have possibly had enough exposure until now to have any sort of significant name recognition among general audiences. He's only had super limited releases until now, and his resonating with what little audience he had over the years doesn't seem to be nearly enough of an explanation as to why Your Name has exploded to this mind-boggling degree. It feels to me just like one of those inexplicable things where everything must have just come together at the exact right time. But I fully admit, I could be missing something.


Hosoda's fanbase seems to be more of something that has been built up over the years through audience goodwill, given the steady box office increase with each subsequent release. And the box office for his last two films are definitely nothing to scoff at.

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10 hours ago, feasby007 said:

oh ok, How much of an increase can we expect for Thursday then, given it is a holiday? (What it is likely to do and the most it could possibly do)


It should earn around the 500 million mark, which (based on my estimates), will be enough to get it over the 10 billion milestone.  If that happens, it'll have done so in just 28 days, making it the second fastest film to reach that milestone after Spirited Away (25 days).  Also, it'll cement the film and director Makoto Shinkai in history as/with the only animated film by other than Miyazaki himself to ever reach the mark.  And that's sure to cause even more exposure and interest in the film, and in Shinkai, moving forward.

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wow, is incredible how strong is the japanese market for anime


the killing joke (one of the most famous storys from Batman) varely made 4 millions at the box office


at the same year, a movie based on your lie in april made 6 millon, unbelivable

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