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JAPAN BOX OFFICE | Demon Slayer breaks all time record for OW

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7 hours ago, Shanks said:


Will it reach ¥148/149 by time Avatar releases? Man, Even if it stabilizes right now --- Avatar 2 will need to make ¥24.5 Billion to reach same gross as Avatar 1.

I have less hope. Probably ¥170 by Avatar 2.


Everything have just broken-down...

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2 minutes ago, SchumacherFTW said:

Would be perfect to visit as a tourist now though. Damn then for keeping the borders closed if you're not going through a travel agency

We may have already have 3 ¥10B+ Grosser (2 more to come) but 2022 is really a broken year.


Why USD is so broken? Why? Why? Can't you be all fair. A year back I was crying on ¥112 now ¥144... Shit this is nonsense - Atleast for people who follows USD numbers

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5 hours ago, fmpro said:

How much in the tank for JWD after this weekend?


We only need 3 mill WW now. How much will Japan help with?

3m is possible from japan alone I think  nevertheless movie will soon join billion even if it's fall short universal will fudge it for billion headline.

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■公開劇場数:全国500スクリーン(IMAX:38scr 4D:80scr DOLBY CINEMA:7scr)





8/13(土)イベント内発表: 13日(土)の初回上映をもって、動員360万人、興行収入50億円突破














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