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Shawn Robbins

NIKKI-ISMS | Nikki signs first look deal with HBO | Nikki and Penske make up, she will return to reporting on the entertainment industry

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(And now, for one of my more random ideas for a thread...)Oh, dearest Nikki.She is simultaneously both the indispensable cornerstone of many weekend evening discussions in box office circles around the web (especially our own community here) while also the frequent target of jokes and outright controversy among box office and film industry enthusiasts.Around here, she doesn't get enough credit. While many tease her tendencies to under-estimate -- or worse, over-estimate -- Friday estimates and weekend extrapolations, its easy to lose sight of this fact: without her contribution to this hobby and/or professional interest of ours, we'd have nothing to discuss on the opening nights/weekends of more than a few films. So for as much flak as she gets, let's salute that fact first and foremost.Thank you, Nikki....Having said that, like any reputable person of a certain stature, she's had moments. What kinds of "moments"? I think there's little doubt that -- around this forum, at least -- her most famous moment came on the evening of the opening of The Avengers when early estimates arrived for Friday (estimates that would be revised significantly upwards early Saturday morning).For those of you who were there, three words are all you need to know. For those of you who weren't ... well, three words are all you need to know: "Not a record." Follow the full story as it happened from page 1 here: http://forums.boxoffice.com/index.php?/topic/3338-may-4-2012-weekend-avengers-opening-discussion-actual-2074-mill/In her defense, perhaps she was a victim of being the messenger. But it was that short, sweet, and seemingly definitive commentary on the situation of the moment that evolved into a phrase that will be a source of this forum community's future jabs and memes toward/with/at/against Nikki while awaiting her numbers to show up on the homepage of Deadline.In honor of Nikki, I invite everyone to share their favorite Nikki moments. It can be a quote, a general attitude or opinion of hers, or even something someone else said about her. Anything involving Nikki Finke.I'm sure many will share the same, so try to think back as much as you can. If we get enough of a variety, I'd love to create a poll on the top five or ten nominees and declare some kind of "Finke" award. :lol:Have at it -- but please be as respectful as possible. This is not to invite any Nikki-hate talk. ;)

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I have a horrible feeling this thread is designed to mock our Queen. I do not appreciate this.

TOTAL opposite. I'll close this down at the first sight of such a thing. Its merely the first edition of her greatest hits album. Edited by ShawnMR
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