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Best Films of 1995!

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Apollo 13 and Toy Story!(I will do a full list later, of course some films I have not seen in so long I am unsure what to give them)

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The Usual Suspects

Apollo 13

The Postman

Toy Story


A Little Princess

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1995 in Film:

Total Seen=28

1. Toy Story: 9/10

2. Casino: 8.5/10

3. Se7en: 8/10

4. Il Postino: The Postman: 8/10

5. The Usual Suspects: 8/10

6. Heat: 8/10

7. Before Sunrise: 8/10

8. A Little Princess: 8/10

9. Twelve Monkeys: 7.8/10

10. Braveheart: 7.2/10


Apollo 13: 7.2/10

Sense and Sensibility: 7.2/10

Babe: 7.2/10

Get Shorty: 7.2/10

Die Hard: With a Vengeance: 7/10

6.0-6.9/10: Total Seen=6

Father of the Bride Part II, GoldenEye, Mallrats, Pocahontas,

The Bridges of Madison County, Billy Madison

Below 6.0/10: Total Seen=7

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, The Indian in the Cupboard,

Might Morphin Power Rangers, Batman Forever, Casper,

Bad Boys, The Brady Bunch Movie,

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1) Outbreak2) The Usual Suspects3) GoldenEye4) Toy Story5) Apollo 136) Crimson Tide7) Mortal Kombat8) Heat9) Braveheart10) Mr. Holland's OpusOthers:Batman ForeverJumanjiFirst KnightJudge Dredd

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1. Toy Story2. Batman Forever3. Seven4. Jumanji5. Braveheart6. Goldeneye7. Apollo 138. Father of the Bride 29. Mortal Kombat10. Pocahontas

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1995 was an incredibly awesome year for movies1. Se7en2. Apollo 133. The Usual Suspects4. Toy Story5. Heat6. Twelve Monkeys7. Sense and Sensibility8. Braveheart9. Casino10. Die Hard with a Vengeance

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going movies back then was near impossible alike to going away the better option was to rent a videotape, the old theatre had 2 screens and so most of the films i saw them a year later on HBO or another cable channel but i do remember seeing 2 of my favorite films of that year on screen "clueless" and "sense and sensibilty"

best 1995 films i saw on tv after

before sunrise (i flove that movie so much)

outbreak (great thriller, i still like to watch it)

circle of friends (absolutely love it , minnie driver gain weight for this role way before renee zelwegger ever thought of it plus beautiful soundtrack i fell in love with credits song "you're the one" sung by shane MacGowan and maire brennan)

while you were sleeping(love sandra bullock)

basketball diaries (leo improving by leaps in his choices)

little princess(awesome kid movie )


apollo 13(or how they made outstanding drama out of a fail mission to the moon the tension was crazy)

il postino (actually saw this about 3 yrs later in my italian class in high school)

a walk in the clouds( love me a romantic film)

desperado( ay papi banderas :wub: he was smoking and film was badass too)

seven (agree its one of the best but i can't watch that film again it upsetted me to no end that killer was THE psychopath)

war of the buttons

persuasion(i'm a jane austen addict hello!)

scarlet letter(i'm very fond of period films)

total eclipse(leonardo left me speechless might have been my first exposure to seeing two guys kiss)

leaving las vegas( when nicholas cage actually showed his acting chops)

ace ventura when nature calls(the kind of movie where you laughed silly everytime you see it)

the american president(awww)

sabrina(how can i not its my name B) )

waiting to exhale

dead man walking(one of susan sarandon best perf')

twelve monkeys(best scifi of the yr)

as for toy story i didnt see it until toy story 3 came out made me cry and so i rented the first 2 to see if they were as good and they sure are

special mention for "showgirls" as worst film of 1995 i was still not over save by the bell and could not reconcile the character jessie with this skimpy clad woman! plus film was really bad anyway

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1. Heat

2. Assassins

3. Desperado

4. Die Hard with a Vengeance


5. Braveheart

6. Bad Boys

7. Goldeneye

8. Waterworld


9. Judge Dredd

10. Se7en

11. Batman Forever

12. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

13. Sudden Death

14. Outbreak

15. Jumanji


16. Under Siege 2

17. Casino

18. Toy Story

19. The Quick and the Dead

20. Father of the Bride 2


21. Cutthroat Island

22. Showgirls

23. Johnny Mnemonic

24. Money Train

25. Species

26. The Net


27. Fair Game

28. Murder in the First

29. The Indian in the Cupboard

30. Apollo 13

31. Congo

32. Free Willy 2

33. Vampire in Brooklyn

34. Shallow Grave


35. Just Cause

36. Bridges of Madison County


37. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

38. Mortal Kombat

39. Copycat

40. Casper

41. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

42. Crimson Tide


43. Richard III

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1995 was an incredible year. Some of the best and favourite films of mine were released.1. La Haine2. Heat3. Seven4. Underground5. Leaving Las Vegas6. 12 Monkeys7. The Usual Suspects8. Dead Man9. Casino10. Toy Story11. Little Odessa12. Shallow Grave

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1995 movies I have seen (in no order):

The Best:

12 Monkeys A+

Toy Story A-

Heat A-

Se7en A-

Screamers B+

Strange Days C+

Casino B-

Memories A- for the first story and C+ for last two stories

Ghost in the Shell A-

Before Sunrise B-

Species B-

Waterworld B+

Bai bian xing jun F

The Bridges of Madison County B+

Jumanji C+

Die Hard 3 B+

The Usual Suspects B-

Apollo 13 B-

Bad Boys B-

Leaving Las Vegas B+

Braveheart B-

Outbreak B-

Lust och fägring stor B-

Batman Forever B-

Golden Eye B-

Rumble in the Bronx C+

Beyond the Clouds B-

A Walk in the Cloud B-

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