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Ben-Hur | 8/19/16 | 7 minutes of Jack Reacher will play before the movie

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http://www.deadline....-wallace-novel/Well..."EXCLUSIVE: What a difference $2 billion in late fall box office business has done for MGM‘s ambitions. The studio is planning to unleash a new version of Ben-Hur, based on the 1880 Lew Wallace novel Ben-Hur: A Tale Of The Christ, which outsold every book but The Bible until it was eclipsed by Gone With The Wind."

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I like the first 80% of Ben Hur...Pretty much till about the end of the Charriot Race.Before thats its a grand epic that you never really see in films these days. Every thing is so grand and EPIC!Charriot Race is amazing... Seeing that ultra wide aspect ratio and knowing everything is real and no CGI!

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I really liked Ben-Hur until it went on for about half an hour longer than it needed to...

BH is great until it gets into religious mumbo jumbo. The heart and soul of the movie is gay romance and revenge, not Christianity and BH`s awful beard (that stupid slave girl Heston had ZERO chemsitry with).I can`t believe they are remaking this. It`s such an outdated story.
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It can't be remade and still stay true to the book.It either would have to focus on Ben Hur and the Villian mostly instead rather then adding Jesus at the end.If you watch the old film, the film is best when he gets Banished and he redeems himself and rises and comes back to defeat the person who ruined his life.That would be an interesting story.However the Budget would have to be 300+ million for this is an EPIC film and seriousily who wants to see CGI horses in the charriot scene?

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I actually watch the Heston version at least once a year, when it's on tv either on Christmas or Easter I love it. Yet I don't find myself full of rage at the idea of a new version :unsure: I would like if it was a new take on the book rather than a remake if that makes sense

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