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Ben-Hur | 8/19/16 | 7 minutes of Jack Reacher will play before the movie

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MGM and Paramount have found Jesus.

Rodrigo Santoro is in negotiations to portray the Biblical figure and Messiah in Ben-Hur, the studios’ retelling of the classic period sword-and-sandals epic.

Jack Huston is starring as the Jewish prince who is betrayed into slavery by his onetime friend, Messala, played by Toby Kebbell. He fights his way to freedom and vengeance, with a couple of chariot races thrown in for good measure.

Morgan Freeman is also on board as the man who trains Ben-Hur how to win at chariot-racing.Olivia Cooke and Ayelet Zurer are also in the cast.

Timur Bekmambetov is directing the movie, which is both a remake of the 1959 movie (which won 11 Oscars) and an adaptation of the Lew Wallace novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christpublished in 1880.

The story, despite the expected bloodshed, will have a message of forgiveness and Jesus Christ appears several times in the piece. Ben-Hur sees the man preach while in Jerusalem and later sees his crucifixion.


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Pete's Dragon, Sausage Party, and Spectral.


3 movies which haven't begun filming yet and have a chance of being delayed. This was going to bomb at any spot. 


Lionsgate should move Allegiant to this wide-open weekend. With Ben Hur gone, there is no major wide release anymore on this weekend.

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Pete's Dragon, Sausage Party, and Spectral.

Sausage Party is a R rated animation, it is gonna bomb.


Spectral is a sci-fi horror Universal movie, that hasn't started filming I think, and probably won't get released there.


Pete's Dragon is a family movie.


I see no problem with this date for Ben-Hur. The movie is a bomb anyway.

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It'll bomb but I thought they'd at least try to release it around Easter or Christmas.

Yeah, it's being dumped. If they had any confidence in this ,they would give it a Chrimas or Easter release,the classic release dates for Biblical epics.


The whole project was a total fiasco. Don't try to film a huge epic on a small budget;it never works very well.

The Ghost of Charleton Heston is having a good laugh at what disaster this is turning out to be.

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What is coming out on that weekend? Nothing, if I remember correctly. It is gonna bomb no matter where they put it.


I really do agree here. I think they spend like a fortune on the budget for this film. Plus that Deadpool could take it's thunder & audience earlier...and even that film may not do a huge difference.


I just literally see nothing released in February breaking out that much.. Simple is that. :sadno:

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