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Box Office Alliance Season 1 (Full Season Here)


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  1. 1. Who should win Player of the Season?

    • The Dark Alfred (placed 1st)
    • acsc1312 (placed 2nd)
    • CEDAR (placed 3rd)
    • Fake (placed 4th)
    • Townzy89 (placed 5th)
    • XenoZodiac (placed 6th)
  2. 2. What was the best team of the season?

    • The Firerisers (Games 1-14) (Game 15)
    • The Shadowlords (Games 1-13)
    • The Wild Cards (Games 1-13)
    • The Epic Losers (Games 1-12)
    • Amazingly Adequate (Games 1-10)
    • The Beasts in the Bushes (Games 1-9)
    • Stark Brothers (Games 1-5)
    • The Pirates (Games 1-4)
    • The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was (Games 1-3)
    • Team Avatrek (Games 1-2)
    • Team Hunger (Games 1-5)
    • The Icelords (Game 15)

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No deadline. Just give it to me whenever and I'll add creativity points. It's just a creative bonus so it's not important that it has to be submitted by a certain time. Most of you guys don't even need the bonus point anyways.

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In a break from the norm, the Stark Brothers have chosen an option other than The Challenge. They have re-scrambled a team. And that team is...

The Pirates

Dom Cobb and CJohn have been great partners all season. Combined they account for 23 points. Now they have each been reassigned to new teams. CJohn will join the Stark Brothers, and with his 10 points the Stark Brothers stand at a hearty 43 point total. Dom Cobb will now fill in Metta World Peace's spot on The Beasts in the Bushes, and with his 13 points, the team's total climbs up to 15 points in 4th.

That's a very very smart move. Kudos to you Stark bros.

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In a surprising turn of events, a close three-way race left "The Beasts in the Bushes" at number one. Inside deception is obviously at play here, with members switching up their teammates answers without warning and with placeholder predictions accounting for a sizeable margin. Ironically, the winning team last week, The Stark Bros, assimilated CJohn onto their team and CJohn's fellow "Pirate" teammate Dom Cobb was a critical asset in his new team's victory this weekend. Did the Stark Bros choose the right "Pirate"? This week's game was a close one, and it's marked by quite an interesting turn of events, which will be discussed soon.


Electric: 87.57% +1 (+1 reached game 5)

EmpireStrikesBack: 81.27% +1 (+1 reached game 5)

AVERAGE: 84.42% +2


bigm10: 89.48% +5 (+3 1st team, +1 highest Act of Valor, +1 reached game 5)

Dom Cobb: 88.25% +5 (+3 1st team, +1 highest The Vow, +1 reached game 5)

Mattrek: 91.56% +9 (+2 2nd individual, +3 1st team, +2 90%+ average, +1 highest Safe House, +1 reached game 5)

AVERAGE: 89.76% +19


Fake: 87.73% +1 (+1 reached game 5)

Schumacher FTW: 82.37% +1 (+1 reached game 5)

AVERAGE: 85.05% +1


The Dark Alfred: 86.93% +3 (+1 3rd team, +1 reached game 5, +1 creativity)

Townzy89: 91.17% +6 (+1 3rd individual, +1 3rd team, +2 90%+ average, +1 reached game 5, +1 creativity)

AVERAGE: 89.05% +9


acsc1312: 88.93% +2 (+1 highest Ghost Rider 2, +1 reached game 5)

XenoZodiac: 84.28%+1 (+1 reached game 5)

AVERAGE: 86.61% +3

The Shadowlords” maintain an immunity they earned last week for 4 weeks in the top 3. It may be used at the time of their choosing.


Cjohn: 85.05% +6 (+2 2nd team, +3 3 weeks in top 3, +1 reached game 5)

RichWS: 88.29% +7 (+2 2nd team, +3 3 weeks in top 3, +1 highest This Means War, +1 reached game 5)

Totem: 94.68% +13 (+3 1st individual, +2 2nd team, +3 3 weeks in top 3, +2 90%+ average, +2 all predictions over 90%, +1 reached game 5)

AVERAGE: 89.34% +26


CEDAR: 87.81% +2 (+1 reached game 5, +1 creativity)

Roger the Alien: 87.81% +2 (+1 reached game 5, +1 creativty)

AVERAGE: 87.81% +4


DerekVI: 76.27% (placeholder predict, -5% off lowest)* (-1 1st strike, +1 reached game 5)

JamesFord92: 88.04% +1 (+1 reached game 5)

Kalo21: 86.79% +1 (+1 reached game 5)

AVERAGE: 58.28% (weighted); 83.70% (unweighted) +2

*Because the game was delayed, I allow a placeholder predict, taking 5% off the lowest score, for anyone who missed the deadline.

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I will never trust Nikki's Fri numbers again! If I had kept my original numbers, I would've had a 93%+ week! Congrats Beasts. Lots of interesting movements here with the whole game.

Edited by acsc1312
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Important NEWS

Due to recent events and considerations on my part, I have decided that some partners just are not working things out together. From now on, if a partner does not post in the PM, his predictions will not count. Some teams have one member submit a post and say it is for both members, but I never get a response from the other member. From now on, if a teammate submits predictions and says they are for both members, I need the second (or in some cases third) teammate to respond with an agreement. I have some people who have been coasting by because their partners save them by using placeholder predicts. Now, for you to be eligible for a placeholder prediction, you must respond in the PM as well.

However, you do not have to change your predictions from your teammate's. I just need you to verify that you agree with what he predicts that way I'm not allowing people who are missing out to stay in the game when generally they would receive strikes for not responding, while good players risk elimination weekly.

Exception! If you are going to be away before the deadline, you may tell me so in the PM for your team and request that your predictions be made the same as your teammate(s)'s prediction(s).

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