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Box Office Alliance Season 1 (Full Season Here)


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  1. 1. Who should win Player of the Season?

    • The Dark Alfred (placed 1st)
    • acsc1312 (placed 2nd)
    • CEDAR (placed 3rd)
    • Fake (placed 4th)
    • Townzy89 (placed 5th)
    • XenoZodiac (placed 6th)
  2. 2. What was the best team of the season?

    • The Firerisers (Games 1-14) (Game 15)
    • The Shadowlords (Games 1-13)
    • The Wild Cards (Games 1-13)
    • The Epic Losers (Games 1-12)
    • Amazingly Adequate (Games 1-10)
    • The Beasts in the Bushes (Games 1-9)
    • Stark Brothers (Games 1-5)
    • The Pirates (Games 1-4)
    • The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was (Games 1-3)
    • Team Avatrek (Games 1-2)
    • Team Hunger (Games 1-5)
    • The Icelords (Game 15)

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I notified Roger/Andrew the Alien, CEDAR, and he has not checked my PMs. I do not know what has happened to him. I'm trying not to penalize you by letting him be eliminated instead. What I'm going to start doing, though, is adding a placeholder of my own for those who miss. They'll get strikes, but their scores will not count as 0's. Instead, I'll take 5 points off the lowest individual score and give them that score, but they'll still receive a strike. That way it helps alleviate the loss for the members who do predict.

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Now, "The Beasts in the Bushes" have spoken, and here is what is going down.

One team has been split up, and its members will join new teams. They will bring to their new teams their individual points, but that team will no longer remain a team with each other. So, without further ado, the team chosen to be reassigned is

Stark Brothers


You guys have been an excellent team this season, but you're now going to be fighting against each other on different teams. The new arrangements are:

CJohn, formerly of "The Pirates" and most recent addition to "Stark Brothers", will be joining "The Wild Cards".

RichWS will be joining "Amazingly Awkward"

Totem will be joining "The Epic Losers"

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CEDAR, I'll get back to you actually. I think I may have to reassign you as Roger is AWOL.

Anyways, here is Game 6.

Game 6 - Due Friday, 3/2/12, at 11:00 P.M. Eastern

1. The Lorax FRIDAY


3. Safe House and The Vow gross difference for the weekend (take the higher prediction and subtract the lower one from it. For example, if you predict SH to do 6.5 and The Vow to do 5.7, subtract and your answer would be 0.8)

4. Act of Valor Saturday gross difference from last Saturday (take this weekend's Saturday gross and subtract it from last weekend's)

5. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island's PER THEATER AVERAGE FOR SUNDAY (just its Sunday PTA)

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Roger/Andrew the Alien is put on suspension for inactivity. Although he only has 1 strike, he has been inactive and has coasted by on placeholder predictions for the past 2 weeks with no sign of showing up. I have attempted to notify him but to no avail for he has refused to open my PMs. For that reason, he is not yet eliminated (because he only has 1 strike), but if he does not respond by the end of the weekend he will be eliminated. However, CEDAR will be moved to a new team. He will now partner with The Dark Alfred and Townzy89 on Firerisers. If Roger does show up again, he will be able to get placed on a new team as well, but right now I'm deeming that unlikely.

Also, point totals will be updated tonight.

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This week boasted sub-par numbers from all the teams, with the highest scores averaging in the upper 70's. "The Epic Losers" got first place this week, but it wasn't a very hot success story. Teams are quickly falling apart and surprises abound, and right now there is NO clear frontrunner as anyone is suspectible to elimination or team changes. As the weeks progress, the questions get harder but the rewards are better and the stakes are higher. This week sees the elimination of bigm10, who like his former partner Metta World Peace, earned his third strike this week for not participating. Now onto the results.


Electric: 71.84% +1 (+1 3rd team)

EmpireStrikesBack: 75.85% +6 (+1 3rd team, +5 BANK ACCOUNT*)

RichWS: 76.81% +1 (+1 3rd team)

AVERAGE: 74.83% +8


bigm10: 0%* (disqualified for 3rd strike; score not weighted)

Dom Cobb: 70.82% +5 (+5 BANK ACCOUNT*)

Mattrek: 75.96%

AVERAGE: 73.39% +5


Fake: 74.23% +3 (+3 1st team)

Schumacher FTW: 78.66%+5 (+1 3rd individual, +3 1st team, +1 highest The Lorax Friday)

Totem: 77.31%+4 (+3 1st team, +1 highest average Act of Valor Sat difference)

AVERAGE: 76.73% +12


CEDAR: 80.18% +5 (+2 2nd individual, +2 2nd team, +1 highest average Journey 2 Sun PTA)

The Dark Alfred: 71.68% +2 (+2 2nd team)

Townzy89: 76.91% +3 (+2 2nd team, +1 highest The Lorax PTA)

AVERAGE: 76.26% +10


acsc1312: 61.17%

XenoZodiac: 65.50%

AVERAGE: 63.34%


Andrew the Alien: 80.19% +3 (+3 1st individual)

AVERAGE: 80.19% +3


Cjohn: 70.99%

DerekVI: 0% -2 (-2 2nd strike)

JamesFord92: 69.41%

Kalo21: 70.99%

AVERAGE: 52.85% -2

*New to this week, and any subsequent week of my choosing, the Bank Account points that have been taken from members for technicalities and for eliminations will now be unleashed in surprise ways. This week, two members received 5 bonus points for getting the highest score on the question asking for the difference between Safe House and The Vow. Bank Account points, which total 30 (now down to 20, but will change when I take into account bigm10's points) can be accessed or given out in any way of my choosing, and there will be surprise opportunities to receive them.

Now, although Andrew/Roger the Alien showed up finally and got the highest individual score, Team Hunger is no longer a team because Alien's hiatus made me force a last minute move of his partner CEDAR to the Firerisers. This means that Alien is not vulnerable to elimination this week; he has instant immunity. However, The Epic Losers win the game and can choose what they wish to do, but they must reassign Alien to a new team or give his team a new partner from another team. That however is not their only choice this week, because this is a requirement. They may additionally choose the Challenge or any other of the six options.

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Game 6

1. The Epic Losers

2. The Firerisers

3. Amazingly Adequate

Game 5

1. The Beasts In The Bushes

2. Stark Bros

3. The Firerisers

Game 4

1. Stark Bros

2. The Pirates

3. The Shadowlords

Game 3

1. The Pirates

2. The Epic Losers

3. The Shadowlords

Game 2

1. Team Hunger

2. Team Avatrek

3. The Shadowlords

Game 1

1. Stark Bros

2. The Shadowlords

3. Amazingly Adequate

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