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Preseason Question #15A (due by 11:59pm July 22nd)

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If anyone has not read the announcement please do so.


This question is replacing preseason question 15 in the summer game.




X-Men Origins: Wolverine made (according to boxofficemojo.com) 14.9 mill in Australia and 26.8 mill in the UK, for a total of 41.7 mill.


Will The Wolverine make at least 39.5 mill combined total in these two markets again?


Answer it correctly: 25,000 points
Answer it incorrectly: lose 15,000 points
Choose not to answer ( and you must state that you are not answering..failing to do so will automatically result in a loss of 15,000 points) 5000 points.


Deadline is Monday July 22nd at 11:59 pm


Answers can be placed in this thread.

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Am i missing something? Is it that much of a slam dunk?


In my head, even a half decent Hugh Jackman Superhero comic book film is going to do gangbusters in Australia. So I feel the Aussies will carry this over the mark easily.



However I am 33rd :)

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