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Scout's Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse | Oct. 30, 2015 | First Poster and First Clip on Page 3

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Paramount trying to innovate with the release strategy, smart thinking on their part: http://www.thewrap.com/paramount-threatens-release-windows-with-flexible-distribution-plan-for-next-paranormal-activity-movie/

Paramount Pictures, AMC Theatres and Cineplex Entertainment are teaming for a first of its kind in-theater and digital revenue-sharing initiative that could potentially redefine home digital distribution windowing to benefit consumers, studios, creative partners, filmmakers and exhibitors, the trio announced Wedneday.

Paramount said the move is an effort to work with exhibitors both to grow revenue in a rapidly evolving entertainment environment and to maintain the value of exhibition and acknowledge the role of exhibitors in the larger distribution cycle.

The innovative approach responds to consumer desires for earlier digital access once pictures are cycling off screens and offers timely and legitimate alternatives to combat piracy.

Under the agreement, Paramount titles “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” and “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” will be given a wide release this fall with a comprehensive marketing plan, with digital home entertainment purchase available 17 days after the film dips below 300 domestic theatres.

AMC and Cineplex and other exhibitors will receive a percentage of any of the studio’s digital revenue for the period of digital availability through 90 days from the initial U.S. theatrical release, with each exhibitor’s share proportional to its theatrical gross market share. Paramount said it is in discussions with other exhibitors and would offer them a similar arrangement for these two films.

“Movie-lovers want us to respond and meet their desires. Exhibitors want to keep their businesses strong. Filmmakers want us to put a premium on the theatrical experience and optimize consumer access to their creations. Our hope and intent is that this initiative offers a degree of innovation that benefits all parties,” said Brad Grey, chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures.

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They have nowhere else to put them, at least two of the three have been repeatedly delayed and they probably just want to get them out now rather than having to truly dump them later.

Agreed. This is just a way to be rid of movies they've clearly abandoned and would like to be done with them sooner rather than later. You will never see Paramount doing anything like this happen for Mission: Impossible or even, say, Silence (the Scorsese movie coming next year) or The Big Short (the Adam McKay/Brad Pitt/Christian Bale/Ryan Gosling/Steve Carell movie that might make it to this year after all).

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