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The Wolf of Wall Street OS Thread

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$18.5M OS



$14.5M in France






Belgium 8 January 2014

Denmark 9 January 2014

South Korea 9 January 2014

Netherlands 9 January 2014

Portugal 9 January 2014

Singapore 9 January 2014

Mexico 10 January 2014

Romania 10 January 2014

Sweden 10 January 2014

Vietnam 11 January 2014

Czech Republic 16 January 2014

Germany 16 January 2014

Spain 17 January 2014

UK 17 January 2014

Ireland 17 January 2014

Australia 23 January 2014

Italy 23 January 2014

Brazil 24 January 2014

Japan 31 January 2014

Norway 31 January 2014

Lithuania 6 February 2014

Russia 6 February 2014

Estonia 7 February 2014

Hong Kong 13 February 2014

Turkey 28 February 2014



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Red Granite’s The Wolf Of Wall Street has opened in a few markets through Red Granite International licensees and the Universal territories.

The dark comedy from Martin Scorsese stars Leonardo DiCaprio and perches on a little over $15.2m in France through Metropolitan since the December 25 opening day.

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THE WOLF OF WALL STREET hit Easy Street overseas opening #1 in all 8 territories w/ $20.6M, $25.5M total. UK ($7.6M) GER ($6.4M) ESP ($3.4M)


edit:Total is not right.

Edited by Olive
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Wolf rules int'l BO on $27m


Red Granite’s The Wolf Of Wall Street used a mighty UK debut through Universal to power its way to an estimated $27m weekend that dethroned Frozen at the international box officePosted Image, according to latest results.

The dark comedy starring Golden Globe winner Leonardo DiCaprio arrived at number one in the UK through Universal Pictures International (UPI) on $7.6m from 499 theatres to score Martin Scorsese’s biggest opening weekend and DiCaprio’s second biggest debut.

All eight new markets through Universal delivered number one results and $20.6m as the UPI running total climbed to $25.5m. Factoring in Red Granite International licensees, which accounted for a further $6.4m, Wolf’s overall running total stands at $58m.

Germany generated $6.4m from 502 for a Scorsese record, while Spain produced $3.4m from 305 for another new benchmark for the director. Universal handles both markets.

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Django Vs Wolf in Europe (OW)


Belgium: 0.71 vs 1.00

Denmark: 0.58 vs 0.97

Netherlands: 0.90 vs 1.29

Poland: 0.61 vs 1.05

Portugal: 0.37 vs 0.35

UK: 4.44 vs 7.60

France: 8.08 vs 7.38

Germany: 8.99 vs 6.40

Spain:3.37 vs 3.40


Its outgrosing Django so far, at least on OW.  250 looks like the floor at this point imo.

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No surprise, Wolf totally kicked AH's ass in OS gross. AH may be winning big DOM but it is bombing OS.


This is how star power works.


Eidt: AH is a boring overrated meh flick, no wonder bombed OS.

well its American Hustle after all  :P



Go Wolf!Look at that Jonah Hill star-power goes!

lol I would like to see what the #s would be like if Leo wasnt in the movie & that 'star' played Leo's role  :P

we could talk abt Hill's star power then



Curious to see what our #s will be like

judging by online comments Leo is practically worshipped :D

TGG was the most clicked movie on our main movie website

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Argentina $1,419,392 vs $1,496,393

Austria $940,152 vs $1,317,590

Belgium $2,476,477 vs $1,493,561

Brazil $844,234 vs $1,274,174

Bulgaria $347,293 vs $141,927

Croatia $769,988 vs $256,450

Chile $378,274 vs $548,634

Czech Rep. $504,235 vs $278,621

Denmark $2,057,674 vs $1,405,532

Ecuador $54,906 vs $30,449

Egypt $208,159 vs $95,967

Finland $872,004 vs $1,059,795

France $21,426,756 vs $27,182,296

Germany $6,720,091 vs $8,997,257

Greece $1,259,710 vs $1,241,719

Hungary $1,656,849 vs $927,009

Iceland $272,815 vs $188,207

Lebanon $372,842 vs $164,007

Mexico $2,695,303 vs $2,101,523

Netherlands $3,523,923 vs $2,011,922

N.Zealand $1,449,437 vs $1,318,867

Phillipines $75,442 vs $95,499

Poland $4,212,046 vs $1,861,549

Portugal $849,729 vs $702,458

Serbia $137,236 vs $135,307

Singapore $589,279 vs $303,863

Slovakia $194,778 vs $103,803

Slovenia $457,720 vs $129,449

S.Africa $452,589 vs $220,212

S.Korea $3,486,893 vs $1,538,738

Spain $3,623,645 vs $3,376,672

Sweden $2,189,496 vs $2,625,340

UAE $1,111,563 vs $580,558

UK $7,646,988 vs $4,447,303

Uruguay $99,345 vs $69,227



I know Django has a big lead in France and Germany but Wolf is outpacing it in 27 of 35 markets. It also had some ridiculous drops this weekend


Sweden -0,2% 

Poland -20,6%

Netherlands -3%

France -9,5%

Belgium -4,5%

Argentina -21,2%

Finland -6,3%

Greece -3,1%

Portugal +3,4%

N.Zealand -13,4%

Hungary -17,3%




260M are possible.

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