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Norm of the North | January 15, 2016 | China release date confirmed for April.

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This already became a joke movie at my work :lol:


Me and the other girl in concession kept saying to our boss all night "staff party at Norm of the Noth tomorrow?" 

"Remember when Star Wars opened there was a huge line of people all dressed up. Well just wait until tomorrow when all of town is here dressed up as polar bears and statue of liberty's."


There's also a page in the back room where staff can request posters, and I'm good at forging handwriting so we put the new guy down that he wanted Norm of the North. This is gonna be a great week.

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3 hours ago, Yandereprime101189 said:

This movie makes me wonder if Rob turned down a role in Hotel Transylvania and regretted it and jumped at the first animated movie he could get his hands on.



That could be so, though it's probably more a case of Schneider realizing no adult on earth is going to pay to see him in a starring role anymore, so now his only hope is to prey on poor innocent children. 

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