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Box Office 3:16: Zootopia 4.6, Heaven 1.9, 10CL 1.8, DP 1.2

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As per Deadline:






Disney’s Zootopia reigned today with an estimated $4.5M-$4.75M





Sony and Affirm’s Miracles From Heaven staked a spot in front of the weekend traffic with an estimated Wednesday opening of $1.75M-$1.83M going nose-to-nose with Paramount’s 10 Cloverfield Lane for the day’s No. 2 spot.


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$4.75 million would great for Zootopia! only a 21% drop from Tuesday and an amazing 28% increase from last Wednesday! $4.5 million would be good as well, but $4.75 would put in on track for a $40 million weekend IMO. $4.5 million would keep it on track for $37 million. :D It's having a great run! 

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30 minutes ago, mahnamahna said:

It's not the kind of film that does huge on a weekday.


Plus it has a $35 million budget, so it'll at least make a small profit

The budget is 35M? Wow, I didn't expect it to be higher than Risen's budget.

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Seems good to me for Miracles - its a bit more than 1/2 of Heaven is for Real's Opening day which is about what I was thinking for the weekend so right around 11m sounds about right and 14m from the 5day.


Good hold for Zoo since I was expecting closer to -30% and 4.5m would be -25%


4.5 Thursday

9m Friday

13.5m Saturday

9.45m Sunday

Still on Track for 32-35m for Zoo this weekend will be interesting to see if it can break into the top 10 3rd weekends or not.

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