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Ezen Baklattan

SUR(V)IVOR: The Fifth Season - One Slot Left!!

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18 contestants enter. Only one will win.


A brand new reboot of the beloved Box Office Theory game, Survivor, based on the popular TV reality show, pits players against each other to participate in box office prediction challenges, varying in difficulty and severity, while avoiding elimination, creating alliances, falling in love, and more.


Think of it as a mix of the Summer/Winter Game with Jandrew's Forum Games Story. Participants get an original role in a brand new, original story written by yours truly, all while completing in a variety of crazy challenges.


After much demand, a new season is finally underway! We will include new challenges, new surprises, and more fun around each corner! There will be 18 spots available as opposed to the 20 from last season.


One caveat I have is that priority will be given to new players. This is to help keep stories fresh and ensure a unique new season. However, we will still allow contestants from the previous seasons to sign up. 10 spots will be reserved for new players at least, but we may try to squeeze in more based on demand. I will try to retain characters and plots from the fourth season as much as possible.


The three finalists will all receive a prize.


SIGN UP HERE BY MAKING A POST! Registration closes on June 24th at 12PM EST or until 18 slots are filled.


As a reminder:


  • 10 New Players
  • 8 Returning Players (If more are interested, there will be a tiebreaker challenge)


This is gonna be good.


P.S. This will be moved to the Survivor forum in the respective game forums. This is solely for recruitment purposes.






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