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Ticket to Paradise | October 21 2022 | Universal | Clooney and Roberts reunite

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11 minutes ago, Maggie said:

Romantic comedy you say? Aren't those kinda dead? I doubt George and Julia can resurrect them

It seemed like Crazy Rich Asians opened the door for them to make a comeback because a few were given the green light before the pandemic happened. After the past year or so we might see a push for telling uplifting stories on the screen again.

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I haven't seen many romantic comedies in the cinema (though it probably doesn't help that they're going down a little).


That said, I think I might see this one. I liked Clooney and Roberts together in the Ocean's movies, so hopefully they'll work together well again.

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Time to move to the main section.



Universal knows how to stoke older audiences (remember 2009’s It’s Complicated?), and the studio being committed to diverse fare have a rom-com you can’t see on a streamer, and that’s Ticket to Paradise on Oct. 21 starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The duo played a divorced couple who head to Bali to stop their daughter’s wedding from happening; essentially preventing her from making the same mistake that they did 25 years ago. What’s their game plan in the trailer? To try and convince their daughter they’re OK with the marriage and then try and get her to end it herself. However, while in paradise, Clooney and Roberts’ character fall in love…it looks like…again.

Universal CinemaCon 2022: Jurassic World Dominion, She Said, Nope & More – Deadline

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33 minutes ago, filmlover said:


It's a bit surprising that Clooney's biggest OW not counting Gravity is still Batman and Robin. He's a star persona without the box office results backing it up. More famous than bankable.


Julia Roberts, of course, was more bankable than some actors at her peak.

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