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Eric Furiosa

Disney+ MCU: Agatha: Coven of Chaos | Kathryn Hahn will return

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A “WandaVision” spinoff starring Kathryn Hahn is in development at Disney Plus from Marvel Studios, Variety has learned exclusively from sources.


Hahn would reprise the role of Agatha Harkness in the series, which is described by sources as a dark comedy, though exact plot details remain under wraps. “WandaVision” head writer Jac Schaeffer would serve as the writer and executive producer on the project. Should the spinoff go forward, it would be the first project Schaeffer has set up with Marvel since she signed an overall deal with them and 20th Television in May.


As with all projects in development, Marvel Studios is staying mum on this one. Reps for Schaeffer and Hahn did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment.


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Love the mcu but don't like this. We don't really need a spinoff show for kathyrn . Movie deal is enough.
With exception of the first 5 eps of WV and first 2 eps of loki I have found the shows mediocre with rushed subplots, underutilized and underveloped characterisation, poor finales.


MCU was always this massive event that contained interconnected stories and characters that kept it us engaged. 


Now mcu is going to start feeling like content  being churned out rather than an event. They could risk diluting the brand tbh.


For a franchise like MCU which has a formulaic nature and structure I don't have much confidence they can maintain optimum quality. 


Personally also don't like this four movies a year plan too.

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So, I'm gonna take the opposite tack...


I think this is ripe for a dark comedy...Wanda stuck her in a norm body in a sad little town unable to use her powers, but knowing full well she used to be the baddest badass of the witch community and she's still got centuries of knowledge and contacts to draw from. 


There's potential there...she's really not in a place to be used in the movies as is, nor it anyone likely to ever visit that little town again...without some good tv arc:)...

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The amount of Disney+ content Marvel has in develop is insane but then I'm reminded alot of them will be limited shows so that's fine.


Even the thought of catching up seems a bit much but then I'm reminded most of these shows won't even have more than 10 episodes a season so catching up actually isn't that hard even compared to one network show


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This has the potential to be either a pointless trainwreck or a breath of fresh air compared to other recent MCU stuff


I guess we'll see. I'm in though, love Kathryn Hahn


Also, perhaps there could be a Wanda cameo in this? Who knows. It would fit

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On 9/6/2022 at 8:30 PM, dudalb said:

I wonder if there will be any tie in with the FF, since in the comics Agatha actually premiered as the Storm Kids' governess.

I don't get why people expect literally everything to be tied into Fantastic Four or X-Men. 😂

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