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SOTM 5 What M. Night Shyamalan Film with AE finish closest to in gross?

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This is for domestic only, the gross is for domestic only.


Lady in the Water:  42.2M

The Happening:  64.5M

Unbreakable:  95.0

The Village:  114.2M


Remember, you are picking what film it will finish closest to in gross.  Just because it might pass the gross of a certain film, does not mean that it doesn't finish closest to that film.  Let's say you choose The Village and it finishes with 104 mill, you would be wrong.  It needs 104.5 mill to finish closer to The Village.  So get your calculators out and figure it out.


Choose correctly (and there will only be one right answer), 15,000

Choose the wrong answer -7000 points


Choose to abstain:  2000 points


Due by Sunday June 9th at 6pm


Good luck

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