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Despicable Me 3 | June 30, 2017 | First Trailer on Page 9

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Steve Burke:

Well I think we are concentrating very heavily on franchises and very heavily on animated film. One of the real gems inside our company is Illumination the animation studio led by Chris Meledandri and Despicable Me 2, which came out this summer is the most profitable film in the 100 year history of the Universal and there will obviously be another reopening a film called Minions, which are the minions from Despicable Me next Christmas and then there will be Despicable Me 3. And so the animation business we think is a very, very important part of our future at Universal Studios.


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Will this be out for 2017? July 4th weekend for 2016 has Angry Birds and ID4-2 and 3 weeks before Finding Dory. Maybe the same weekend as DM July 8, followed by Ice Age 5 on July 15. Having an Illumination Project for February could mean DM3 for 2017. On the other hand the February 2016 could move to July 2016 and become DM3.

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Summer 2017 is likely as Summer 2016 is already chock a block with Dory, Dragon 3 and Ice Age 5. I do wonder how far they can go with the franchise before it goes stale.



Dunno but the 4th Ice Age film made nearly $900 million.  There is money to be made son!

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Well, after DM2 I'd say this has a legit shot at succeeding where TS3 failed, i.e. at beating Shrek 2 domestically. 

I'd say that's highly doubtful given that third films tend to decrease unless they're universally loved like TS3, not to mention this will essentially be acting as the 4th film in the franchise since Minions comes first. I'd expect the franchise to have Shrek 4 levels of burnout by the time this one hits. Will probably be the lowest grosser in the series.

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