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Despicable Me 3 | June 30, 2017 | First Trailer on Page 9

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I repeat, this is not going anywhere. DM has been one of the biggest, if not the biggest, animated franchise of the 2010's. And it will be even more solidified with Minions next year. People are going off pedigree here for its reason to move, but Universal is not afraid of Pixar anymore, especially after they were able to shave dollars off MU last year. If anything, TS4 will move up a week, but DM3 is keeping that prime July 4th weekend, and it will make a shitload of money's. The Minions and Agnes have taken over. Sorry bout it.

As for Dragon 3, which it move to fall. Its literally screwed.

Yeah, but that doesn't change my opinion that I want this to be the last of them.

Welp prepare for more, because youre in the minority here.

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I know it might be counterintuitive, but I'd love to see both Lego and Despicable Me eat into Toy Story. That would be lovely.


Both series aren't going to last long anyway and long term would be a great thing to attempt to salvage the Pixar integrity that has all but disintegrated. 


Dragon 3, I feel for it. Maybe it should come out in winter and be a WOM monster but either way, I hope it ends on three. Hopefully two's woeful performance would stave Katzenberg off making a fourth that no one asked for. Hell, no one seems to have asked for number two. Just finish the trilogy DeBlois how you want it. That's all I hope for. 

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