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THE NIGHT BEFORE | 11.20.15 | Sony | final domestic gross: $43,047,372

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I actually think Rogen is underrated. Compared to other comedians, his output is of pretty high quality. 40 Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, Pineapple Express, Zack and Miri, Take This Waltz, 50/50, This is the End, Neighbors, The Interview...all of them ranging from decent to great. 


Doesn't hurt that this is his reteaming with JGL. 

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This should move to November 13th. Peanuts, Spectre and MJ2 aren't remotely targeting its audience. And with only By the Sea that weekend, it could have a solid opening on its way to a 4x-4.5x. 


November 25th is crowded, and it only gets 1 weekend to hold phenomenally (Dec 11-13) in that current date. Its post-Thanksgiving weekend and Star Wars weekend should be a 40-45% drop. 


It has a shot at $150 million+ DOM if it moves to that particular date. 

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Thanksgiving? Flop.

Whaaaa? Christmas movies have a long and successful history of opening in November. The Home Alone movies, the Santa Clause movies, the Grinch movie, Elf.

Or do you mean that opening specifically on THANKSGIVING weekend is a bad omen, as opposed to opening a week or two before, like most of the successful Christmas movies have? If so, I see your point, Christmas movies that actually opened on Thanksgiving weekend haven't had as good a track record. (The most successful one to date has been Four Christmases.)

I can see why some of you want it moved ahead to November 13; The Santa Clause did well opening in that slot.

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