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The Paramount Pictures Thread

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UPDATED: Producer and former Sony Pictures Entertainment production boss Michael De Luca has turned down an offer to take a top job at Paramount Pictures, sources say.

“Although he was very flattered and tempted, it ultimately wasn’t the right fit, and he has a great deal at Universal,” said a person familiar with De Luca’s thinking.

De Luca had been widely reported to be on the verge of joining Paramount as the No. 2 under a new chairman and CEO, presumed to be Jim Gianopulos.

De Luca, 51, was expected to take the title of vice-chairman and oversee production at the troubled studio, which has been mired in last place among the major studios for the last five years.

But Universal pressed hard to keep De Luca in its stable. He is considered one of the most prolific and respected producers working with the studio, guiding key projects like the “Fifty Shades of Grey” films. Universal was particularly intent on keep De Luca in the fold because another key producer, Scott Stuber, is reportedly mulling an opportunity to run the feature film unit at Netflix.

De Luca’s highest-profile in recent weeks came at the 89th Academy Awards, which he produced along with Jennifer Todd. While many people praised the show for its pacing and for a gag that had host Jimmy Kimmel interacting with tour bus fans, the show drew the second lowest ratings in Oscar history. The program will be best remembers for a bungle by a PriceWaterhouseCoopers accountant, which led to the Best Picture award briefly being presented to “La La Land” instead of the rightful winner, “Moonlight.”

He doesn't want to be on the sunken ship.

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Love how Lee Child threw Cruise under the bus. Them hoes ain't loyal.



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ViacomCBS: In 2019, which ended with December's Viacom-CBS merger, Paramount swung to adjusted earnings of $80 million after a $33 million loss in 2018. (Before the merger, Viacom in THR’s calculations made a minimal profit of $1 million in 2018. But with its most recent earnings report, ViacomCBS changed from using adjusted operating profit to reporting adjusted operating income before depreciation and amortization, which changed its calculations for 2018.) The swing to a profit in 2019 was driven by a 14 percent improvement in licensing revenue and a 3 percent dip in expenses. Licensing revenue came from titles in its film library as well as from new series from Paramount TV Studios, with the company highlighting that the year saw "increases in licensing of film catalog titles to SVOD providers and recent releases to pay television services." As in 2018, licensing was the largest revenue generator for Paramount, with $1.7 billion, or 57 percent of the total, in 2019. That was ahead of home entertainment with $623 million, which was up 1 percent. Paramount TV Studios, whose shows include Amazon's Jack Ryan and Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, expanded to end 2019 with 27 shows ordered, but financials were not disclosed.


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Top Studios at 2021 Summer Box Office

Studio                 Summer B.O. *                   % change from summer 2019**        
Disney                 $483M       -72%

20th                  $103.1M             -33%

Disney/20th combined   $586.1M             -69%

Universal/Focus $407.4M             -24%

Warner Bros      $249.4M             -37%

Paramount        $220.6M             +17%

Sony/Sony Classics         $105M             -85%

Lionsgate            $68.3M               -78%

United Artists Releasing $50.1M         -48%

*for period of May 7-September 6

**vs. first weekend in May through Labor Day 2019


Top Ten Movies of Summer 2021

1.) Black Widow (Dis) $182.6M

2.) F9 (Uni) $172.9M

3.) A Quiet Place Part II (Par)   $160M

4.) Jungle Cruise (Dis) $106.8M

5.) Shang-Chi (Dis) $94.6M

6.) Free Guy (Dis) $94.4M

7.) Cruella (Dis) $86.1M

8.) Space Jam: A New Legacy (WB) $67.1M

9.) The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (NL) $65.5M

10.) The Boss Baby: Family Business (Uni/DWA) $57M



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Word was Shari Redstone wasn’t thrilled with the move of Top Gun: Maverick from November 19 to Memorial Day weekend 2022, and Mission: Impossible from Memorial Day to September 30, 2022. This was right before the Marvel film Shang-Chi became a surprise Labor Day box office record success. However, it was not just Top Gun: Maverick that fled this year’s Paramount release slate, but Clifford the Big Red Dog and Jackass Forever. The delay of such revenue generating events is a hard thing to stomach. Sources tells us that Redstone wanted films like A Quiet Place Part II and the Cruise pictures to go on Paramount+. That would have created lawsuits with Cruise and others, but we’re told that Gianopulos did what he was asked to do.


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3 minutes ago, Ryan Reynolds said:

Top Gun 2 And MI make no sense for P+ , they would be losing 100s of millions. P+ is never gonna happen in a big way. Only way to make money on big films is to sell to Netflix/Amazon.

Netflix, i believe wanted to buy Top Gun 2.



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