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Clifford the Big Red Dog | Paramount | November 10, 2021 | Theaters and Paramount+ Same Day

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Studios really are mining for franchises instead of being creative these days

Because Franchise make money. Look at Marvel, DC, Transformers, ect. All these movie make a shit load movie. If look at Pixar and Disney they make a so much money off the merchandise sales. 

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If we're reviving random preschool shows into blockbuster tentpoles...



Bananas in Pajamas (live action/CGI mix) 


Director: James Wan 


Screenplay: Charlie Kaufman 



Nicolas Cage and Andy Serkis (B1 and B2) - CGI/live action hybrid 

Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson (three teddies) - CGI

Christopher Walken (Rat in the Hat) - live action with Walken in a rat suit inside a hat 

Raquel Welch (Mrs. Rat) - live action 

James Earl Jones (Narrator) - ?

Bill Murray (Bernard the Dog) - live action

Jack Nicholson (Charlie the Monkey) - CGI

Ben Stiller (Topsy the Kangaroo) - live action 

Jim Gaffigan (Kevin the Butterfly) - live action 

Daniel Day Lewis (Tolstoy the Tortoise) - live action

Meryl Streep (Tomasina the Turtle) - live action



Budget - $185 million 


Rating - PG for strongly rude material, irreverent jokes, trippy imagery, awkward comments, comic smoking, images of clowns and extended sequences of bizzare behavior... all involving bananas  :D


I'm done trollin! 


Seriously though, a Clifford movie could be a fun, light-hearted family movie if they don't specifically focus on just preschoolers. While it should be rated G, it shouldn't target just little kids considering it's a major animated film. 

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