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Best Animated Movies that Aren't from Disney, DreamWorks and Ghibli.

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Rescuers Down Under

Oliver and Company

You do know both of those are from Disney, right?




Summer Wars

Wolf Children

Ghost in the Shell


Most things from Studios Laika and Aardman

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Purely in terms of visuals, the workprint of The Thief and the Cobbler. My god, what was completed of that film looked amazing.

Yes, the story is paper-thin, and I do think that if Richard Williams had remained on it to the end, and it had been his version that was released, it still would have tanked at the box office. But holy shit, it would have looked fantastic.

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1. The Iron Giant

2. Song of the Sea -- seriously, go see it while you can, gorgeous film!

3. Coraline -- stand in for the two below.


James and the Giant Peach/The Nightmare Before Christmas*


I really really liked Land Before Time as a kid. But I don't remember much of it so I can't rank it.


*Produced/distributed by Disney, does that count?

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Fully 2D animated/half-animated & half live action:



The Prince of Egypt

Quest of Camelot

Swan Princess

Space Jam

Road to El-Dorado

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas




Shrek franchise + Puss in Boots

Madagascar franchise

All the Pixar films i've seen

All the Dreamworks films i've seen

Ice Age franchise 

Kung Fu Panda franchise

How To Train Your Dragon franchise

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