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Storks | 9/23/2016 | WB Animation. Lord and Miller producing. New trailer page 2. Andy Samberg, Kelsey Grammer and Jennifer Aniston in voice cast.

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1 hour ago, Robot308 said:

The Magnificent Seven is not going to do well because it's Sony plus it's PG-13...a massive red flag. Storks will beat it at number one

Why is PG-13 a red flag? Also, Sony's been having a decent year so far.

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2 minutes ago, Jonwo said:


I'm guessing they're trying to build interest in Ninjago a year in advance since it's not as easy to sell compared to Lego Batman.

It also kind of reminds on how Fox did Ice Age shorts in front of their family films to promote the sequels.

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Just now, grim22 said:

This is screening everywhere starting tomorrow and through next week. Very early screening for a kids movie. WB must be confident in this one.

No doubt. I love the cartoony art direction, and it looks like they've made a real crowd pleaser here.

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55 minutes ago, YourMother said:

I have a very good feeling about this both critically and financially. I can easily see this over 80% fresh on RT and making over HT2 domestically.

HT2 is a stretch, but I can see a good total for this.

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Zero idea what to expect from this. Seems like the usual disposable kids film at first glance but the subject matter could definitely be fodder for deeper themes. One of the directors is a Pixar alum, albeit through making their most cartoonish short.


Also, just noticed J&M Danna are scoring this

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