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CIVIL WAR OS | $744M OS | $1.15B WW

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May sound a bit too optimistic, but actually he has a point.

If domestic opens at 220mil, then having Avengers-style 3.0x multiplier, and a 33:67 DOM:INT ratio .... then yes, 2 billion IS in sight.

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7 minutes ago, Cynosure said:

No way. It might do better than Star Wars in China but it's not coming close in DOM, in Japan, in France, in the UK, in Australia etc. They should be happy if it does $1.5B WW.

Yeah, I thought so myself, so I just ran his numbers through my spreadsheet.


BTW, gotta see the movie again, at least twice. One of them has to be in IMAX 3D.

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3 hours ago, newbie BO buff said:

21 Cineplex, the largest cinema chain in Indonesia, has now added 11.15am shows due to high demand. 



How about AADC 2? I heard it open on the same day as Civil war in Indonesia, is it a serious competition for civil war?

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6 minutes ago, tona22 said:

Thailand OD

37.64 M Baht (1.07 M USD)

- 2nd biggest non-holiday OD behind FF7


Biggest OD in Thailand

1. Iron Man 3 : 47 M **Labor Day

2. FF7 : 41.68 M

3. The Avengers : 39.1 M **Labor Day

4. CW : 37.64 M


BvS : 20.75M


Where does AoU rank in that?

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Estimations from Disney:

300 000 admissions for the OD in France --> best opening of the year above Deadpool's OD (285 711 admissions)

(including 80k from Paris/suburb)


For comparison:

- Ultron: 330 000

- Iron Man 3: 318 000

- Avengers: 302 000

- BvS: 196 000

- Captain TWS: 111 000


Early estimates predict 1.95M admissions for the 1st week = $16.2M


And yes, it's pretty good :D

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9 minutes ago, grey ghost said:

So far it looks like:


It's beating AOU in Asia.


It's slightly behind AOU in Europe


And I'm willing to bet it beats AOU in Latin America.


Then you consider CW should have better legs and 900+ m OS is looking good.

You said it is slightly behind in Europe. You mean French first numbers!!!!

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We will have a better picture per continent at the end of the weekend.


But it clearly shows premature signs of outperforming AOU in Asia, that for sure.


There aren't enough data from Europe so far but once other countries like the UK will open in the next 24 hours, we will have a clearer pocture.


I predicted months ago that it will do at least AOU numbers on the foreign soil and i stand by it.

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2 minutes ago, grey ghost said:


Yeah, I expect CW to do better than AOU in certain European countries like the UK.


1 billion OS is definitely possible.

AOU was hugely front-loaded. CW may trail AOU at the beginning but I am sure with its very good reviews, it will catch up with him in a short time.

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