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STAR TREK BEYOND | 184.6 M overseas ● 343.5 M worldwide

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STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS's overseas gross: 238.6 M


I know the overseas number of the previous movie is not that big, however with the third one celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, I am expecting a good increase especially in the UK and Australia.

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It definitely seems to be heading the wrong way in both the UK and Australia. Maybe those two countries are starting to fatigue with the franchise.  I don't think those drops could be just exchange rate.

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This is Australia so far in AUD.


1 1 STAR TREK (M), PARAMOUNT [317/ $14,693] 4,657,564 N/A


1 1 STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (M), PARAMOUNT [486/ $10,818] 5,257,366 N/A


Beyond should be just on AUD4 million.

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A WW total between ST09 and STiD seems likely. The benchmark is 400m i guess. China is the key to pass ST09, should do pretty well there tough.


2 hours ago, tilko said:

Mega Bomb OS !



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14 hours ago, Fullbuster said:

The only way for Star Trek to thrive would be a total reboot, ignoring the TV show and starting over.

Maybe, but the truth is I have become interested on this thanks to the previous 2 films, which I think are great. I never was interested on the older one and the TV show. Said this, I wish Spain can make more than the shameful $3.9m of STiD, but I am not optimistic. I do not get why people do not give a chance to this franchise.

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