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THE HOUSE | 06.30.2017 | Warner Brothers | Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler | trailer 2 on page 1

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Will Ferrell-Amy Poehler Comedy ‘The House’ Gets Release Date as Warner Bros. Bumps Back ‘Arms & the Dudes’



The film is about a guy who allows his friends to start a casino in his business when he and his wife burn through his daughter’s college fund.

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3 hours ago, grim22 said:

The trailer looks pretty funny. The final gag was the best, Jason Mantzoukas is a very funny guy for sure (and one of the celebrities whom I have actually spoken to in person)

Jason Mantzoukas always comes off as Rafi from The League in almost everything I see him in and from the trailer this looks to be the same. Which is particularly not a bad thing.

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