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Rules Don't Apply | Nov 11 2016 | Howard Hughes biopic / Romantic Comedy directed by Warren Beatty | 2016 | Beatty, Lily Collins, Matthew Broderick, Alec Baldwin, Annette Bening. First pics on page 1

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Warren Beatty wrapped his secret Howard Hughes movie the first week of June, 2014. That’s the last real news we’ve heard about it.

This weekend a source knowledgeable about the film says New Regency and the film’s financiers are waiting see Beatty’s latest cut. “The film will come out in 2016,” says my source. And they’d like it out well before there’s another awards season, just to give it a chance to breathe.

The movie stars Beatty, Alden Ehrenreich, Lily Collins, Haley Bennett, Matthew Broderick, Alec Baldwin, Candice Bergen, and Annette Bening, among others. It may or may not be directly about Howard Hughes, whom Beatty plays, or young people around him.

Beatty, according to my sources, showed a cut to close friends and the money people in the late fall. It was met with an overall positive response.


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7 minutes ago, cannastop said:

It's wrapped, man.

Still can get delayed just like The Other Side of Wind but not as long of course since that film is never going to be released. It can still get delayed if it sucks and the push it a dumping ground month or do reshoots. 

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Warren Beatty’s on the line.

It has been 18 years since the Oscar-winning director last stepped behind the camera with Bulworth, and even longer since he first flirted with making a film that involved eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes.

“I never lost my curiosity about him,” says Beatty. “It’s just that I don’t run around doing movies all the time.” You don’t say. Beatty’s epic hiatus will finally end on Nov. 11, when Twentieth Century Fox releases Rules Don’t Apply – an unconventional love story set in 1958 Hollywood that Beatty also wrote, produced, and acts in.

The film stars Lily Collins (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones) as a religiously devout actress and Alden Ehrenreich (the new Han Solo) as her equally conservative driver, both of whom work for Beatty’s Hughes, who forbids entanglements between the employees. Beatty wants to make it clear that the young lovers are the focal point of the story (“This ain’t a biopic about Howard Hughes”) and that’s it’s a comedy (“It has some good laughs in it”).











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