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GHOSTBUSTERS | 100.8 M overseas | 229.1 M worldwide

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4 hours ago, John Marston said:

how is this looking in the UK


Hard to tell. But showings today at mine were at least 50% full when I checked the seating plans. The 3D ones were much quieter. I don't think it'll be huge numbers. Good WOM could help by the time the actual weekend comes though. 

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This is interesting.  I've checked half a dozen Event Cinemas that have large format VMAX screens and where there is 2 screens Ghostbusters is only getting one screen and the other one is staying with Tarzan or also split with Dory, Central Intelligence and The BFG.








This is the last week of school holidays in New South Wales

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8 minutes ago, John Marston said:

how is it doing in the UK now? I expect that to be one of the better international markets

Considering it dropped to 3rd on his 2nd day behind Tarzan I am gonna say not that good. 

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Mojo: Internationally, Ghostbusters delivered $19.1 million from three major territories along with a few smaller markets. The opening included $6.1 million from the UK where the film opened on July 11 along with $3.7 million from Australia and $2.2 million in Brazil.

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Sony staked out English-speaking territories first to kick off the update on the 32-year-old summer smash. In a much different world, that film made $53M overseas. This Paul Feig all-female version is primed to surpass that after a $19.1Minternational opening this weekend in three majors and some smaller plays. 


Source: Deadline.com


UK - 6.1M

Australia - 3.7M

Brazil - 2.2M


Key upcoming markets inlcude Russia and Italy (July 28); Germany (August 4); France (August 10); Mexico and Spain (August 12); and Japan (August 19).

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With another $10.5M in its coffers, the female Ghostbusters are still playing well overseas on 3,910 screens. The Sony film had no big market openings but is still in theaters in the U.K., Australia and Brazil and in 54 markets. It has now rolled out to about 33% of its international footprint but still has many big territories to go. So far, it has cumed$36M to date.


Expect the grosses to climb as it will bow in Russia and Italy on the 28th of July followed by Germany (Aug. 4), France (Aug. 10), Mexico and Spain (Aug. 12), Japan (Aug. 19) and South Korea (Aug. 25).


UK - 9.4M 

AUS - 6.6M

BRA - 4.6M


Source: Deadline.com


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14 hours ago, Blaze Heatnix said:

Horrible overseas performance.


It'll probably struggle to make 100 million.


Check out coming release dates and get back to me on that one

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