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Free Gold Accounts up for grabs in the BOT Derby!

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@No Prisoners has donated his Derby Tournament winnings to help bring in new players.  I am matching that and for each week in October the top new player in points for that week will win a Gold Account for a month.


A new player will defined as anyone that played the Derby for the 1st time on or after last week’s game. (Week 39)


To be clear… if your 1st Derby game was last week ( or later ) you will be eligible every week in October that you play.


So… if you haven’t played the Derby before or just started last week than now is the time to start.


Predictions have to be in before midnight Pacific Daylight time on Thursdays so you have about 12 hours left to play this week’s game.




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39 minutes ago, AndyLL said:

Right now we have 5 players that qualify to win the new user contest: @ChD, @dnr 3301, @Daniel Dylan Davis, @a2knet and @misafeco


Lets try to get a few more...  just over an hour until the deadline


Have to pick all 10... should always double check that all the predictions got saved.

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On ‎9‎/‎30‎/‎2016 at 7:57 PM, a2knet said:

Sorry, I missed this one. Have been a bit caught up with stuff. Will do the coming one for sure.

Don't forget this week then.

Ill make you a deal. CA3 is closed I think. You lost that bet. I'll deduct half if you win a newb week, all if you win a week outright in Oct.



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