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A QUIET PLACE | 04.06.18 | Paramount | supernatural horror film

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2 hours ago, Barnack said:

How much do you think that movie with a unknown lead would have done WW (or somewhat known but accept to do pure cash grab movie with no artistic anything for 500k or less) ?

I know an unknown lead or somewhat known lead would have gotten the movie less box office, but it's not about that. It's about a known lead accepting less money. And not to mention, tons of movies these days are cash grabs with a certain type/level of artistic merit, even on a basic level. Maybe artistic merit is the wrong term, creative merit is probably more accurate. Jumanji was a cash grab with creative merit; you wouldn't expect that. The kind of "cash grab" that other movie was doesn't cut it as a cash grab these days because it clearly didn't grab the kind of cash it was aiming for taking into account studio retention of domestic vs. international box office. Also, he had a hand in developing the movie so surely he could have given some of his pay back.


On an overall scale, this ties into the whole equal pay movement. You're not going to get equal pay by raising female stars prices up to male stars. The only feasible way to get equal pay is to bring male star prices down.

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musical group titled 'Cold War Kids' was playing at the store earlier today.  Once I absorbed that title, it had me thinking of the cold war theme, what social conversation could have been like during those decades (or how much it would have sucked)...... then to the present AQP movie.  AQP should find some nominations when different divisions do their awards thing at the end of the yearly term.



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I remember looking at Paramount's 2018 slate, and I remember thinking that if they wanted to campaign for Oscar nominations in any capacity, their only feasible option for categories other than Visual Effects would be for A Quiet Place.


Don't get me wrong; Paramount has a few of the best films of the year, without a doubt. But A Quiet Place definitely left a mark in the entire industry, and I think the industry as a whole might be shaken by the film. The film might have a better shot at that fifth up-for-grabs original screenplay slot than we think because of this.


I really think this film is significant so I'm rooting for this film to go as far as it can. I'm sure some critics will be standing by it.

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2 hours ago, SofNascimento said:

Ok let me take this opportunity to ask a question. From 0 to 10, how well did you guys think this movie did at the BO?


hum 9.5/10 ?, intl multiplier could have been a bit higher I guess the only little possible hic (It did 46/53).


Domestic the OW was crazy and legs were really good for an opening that big. 

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8 minutes ago, John Marston said:

200m total costs? The fuck?

Bigger the box office, bigger the total cost. The Karate Kid had a 315m total cost, with a 45m budget.


For project like that, near 50/50 split of profits between studio and talent/producers is probably the norm.

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8 minutes ago, Blaze Heatnix said:

I don't get it. Didn't this movie get a cheap 17-20 million budget?


How the hell it only got a 93 million profit after making 340 million worldwide? 

There is a breakdown a couple of post above:



They estimate it made 160-165m in profit but that 70m of it went to Krasinski, Blunt, Bay and co. 50% or so after some off the top removed from the deal profits going to actors/producer is quite standard for a low budget, high wattage names project.


Some of the Blum project result seem to put some of the talent revenues in the studio profit line instead of participation (like Halloween), maybe because they own part of the movie.

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9 hours ago, John Marston said:

200m total costs? The fuck?

That's why I find hilarious when I see people thinking that it's an 'easy bet' to produce Horror movies just because they have low budgets.


Yeah, budget is low, but studios spend a lot to market them.


These mid-budget BH movies like Happy Death Day, Truth or Dare usually spend around $40m-$50m in marketing.


Unexpected breakouts like Split or Get Out around $70m-$90m.


And blockbuster franchises like TCU are always over $90m.

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