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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 10 - Breaking the Covenant

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Spaghetti: Now that the teams have merged, and everyone had a nice, relaxing week chilling about while waiting for their next weekend results. Tensions are still high, however, especially after what had happened previously.


AABATTERY: I don’t know, it’s hard to say, mate.

DAJK: YourMother had always been so nice and supportive, but it just felt weird, if not artificial. I don’t know what this guy is gonna do now. I just hope he doesn’t hate me.

AABATTERY: You can’t force people to fall in love with you. You’ve got nothing to feel guilty about.

DAJK: I wish it was that simple.

AABATTERY: I will say this. The aliens, cougars, whatever they are, they’re tight. Only 5 of us not on that team, and you’re probably the only sane one left. So what I’m saying is....

DAJK: You’re interested in an alliance?

AABATTERY: Precisely.

DAJK: You know....I feel the same way. Let’s do this.

*They shake hands.*


*Party music plays in one of the cabins. Arlborn, Goffe, Eevin, Wrath, and WrathOfHan party together*

Wrath: I just gotta say, the choices I’ve made with the four of you have worked out perfectly. You’re all amazing and awesome in your own rights, and I had no doubt we would make it this far. Here’s to us!

WrathOfHan: You said it, daaaaa......mn, Arlborn’s going all in!

*Arlborn does a keg stand*

Arlborn: Wait, that’s nothing! Check out what I can do now! *He tries to do a trick, but falls on his head. Everyone, including Arlborn starts laughing.*

Goffe: This is a nice bond an all, but I do have one question......we can’t all split the money. Imagine if we all make it to the top 5. We’ll eventually have to vote each other off. I’d rather not vote of anyone I like, so I believe now is the best time to withhold friendship.

Eevin: Mate, stop being such a stick in the mud! You may not be back here ever again! And it’s not even about the money, it’s just about relaxing and having fun, you know?

Goffe: Well, I have a plan. And I’m going to stick with it. We have to stand alone now. *He leaves*

WrathOfHan: Man, what a stick in the mud. More mini pizzas for us!


CONFESSIONAL - Goffe: Was I being too cynical? Perhaps. But the situation stands. Their togetherness will only cause more pain in the end. My future self will thank me.


*Elcaballero is seen doing pushups*

Elcaballero: Fourty-one....Fourty-two....Fourty-three....Goffe! Shouldn’t you be partying with those cocky Cougars?

Goffe: Let them have their fun. It won’t last. And by the way, drop the hard-ass act. You got lucky when you beat Ethan.

Elcaballero: How about YOU shut up? I’ve carried the scores for the past few weeks. I’m the rock of this island, now. I’m NOT a weakling.

Goffe: Sure...that’s what they all say.

Elcaballero: Oh, I’ll show you, I’ll show you Goffe!


CONFESSIONAL - Elcaballero: Who does Goffe think he is? Okay, I may have thrown a few challenges and put on a fairly sweet façade to trick the others into thinking I’d be weak, but now I’m the force to be reckoned with, and that prize is mine. No one is going to stop me.


*YourMother is crying at the dock*

YourMother: Life is meaningless. We exist to do nothing but die. How could I have been so blind. So believing. DAJK. You were my everything. I love you so much. And the only thing I have to do now.....the only thing that matters......I NEED TO WIN. DAJK WILL COME BOWING TO ME. HE. WILL. LOVE. ME.

Chasmmi: YourMother, I heard you across the island. You seem so upset.

YourMother: Oh, what do you care?

Chasmmi: Alas, I only wish to help. We were once on the same team, remember?

YourMother: Yes....yes. I do remember. But you cheated so much. You were so cruel!

Chasmmi: And that is where you and DAJK united. But I digress. I regret my sinful ways and I now wish to help you. Do everything I say, and I assure you that DAJK will get the wedding rings ready in no time. What say you?

YourMother: But if he sees that I worked with you...

Chasmmi: In. No. Time.

*A pause. YourMother grabs Chasmmi’s hand.*


Chasmmi: *To headset* I got YourMother in. Our plan is foil-proof. 

Voice: Very good, Agent 420. The world has very little salvageable in it, and the prize you win tonight will complete everything we need to put our new order in to place. We will rule together, my friend, as we give this new world a blank slate. 



Spaghetti: The time has come to reveal this week’s challenge. But first, let me reveal the results from last week.


@Goffe - 79.71%

@Arlborn - 79.62%

@elcaballero - 78.38%

@aabattery - 79.03%

@WrathOfHan - 77.45%

@Wrath - 76.03%

@DAJK - 75.36%

@chasmmi - 73.37%

@Eevin - 73.19%

@YourMother - 66.76%



Elcaballero: Ha, take that!

Goffe: You do realize you had a lower score than me? And Arlborn for that matter?

Elcaballero: Augh.


Spaghetti: And with that, let’s look at the Flash Fight results.



Wrath: 33k

Arlborn: 32k


WrathOfHan: 20k



WrathOfHan and Arlborn: Are you fucking kidding me?

Spaghetti: Damn, that was close! Wrath wins the prize, and WrathOfHan cannot win immunity until 8 contestants remain. Wrath will be PM’d of his item by the end of the night.

Wrath: Don’t worry, Han. I’ve got you.


Spaghetti: Back to the main challenge, however, Goffe and Arlborn win coins, and Goffe wins an advantage in this SPECIAL edition challenge.

DAJK: Wait, special edition?



Spaghetti: Indeed. I assume all of you have heard of the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Two prisoners have been caught, they can be silent or rat the other out. Do you betray your competition to get ahead, or no?


DAJK and YourMother

Wrath and WrathOfHan

Eevin and Arlborn

Chasmmi and Goffe

AABATTERY and Elcaballero


For each pair, it’s one versus one. And what each player has to do is simple. By Wednesday at 11:59PM EST, they must send me a PM with either BEFRIEND or BETRAY in it.


·        If both players choose BEFRIEND, they gain 5 tuck shop coins each.

·        If you chose BEFRIEND and your opponent chose BETRAY, you lose ALL tuck shop coins, and your partner gains 12.

·        If both players choose BETRAY, they both lose 3 tuck shop coins.


*The pairs look at each other. Tensions have never been higher.*



Spaghetti: Tensions have never been higher, but friendships will be tested, and potentially destroyed. Godspeed.






A: Predict the 3-day weekends of the following

Alien: Covenant

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Everything, Everything

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword



B: Predict the movies falling in each rank for FRIDAY (-+2% for each right/wrong answer)







C: Predict the Saturday-to-Saturday (May 13th to May 20th) percentage drops of the following

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

The Circle

The Promise


Smurfs: The Lost Village


D: I was born in 1995. Which 1995 film will have its unadjusted gross closest to the cumulative gross of the following movies at the end of the 3-day weekend? (-+4% for each right/wrong answer)


How to be a Latin Lover

The Fate of the Furious

The Zookeeper's Wife

The Belko Experiment



Arlborn (17)

Eevin (21)

Goffe (8)

Wrath (12)

WrathOfHan (6)

DAJK (9)

Elcaballero (11)

YourMother (2)


Chasmmi (15)


STAIN REMOVER - 6 Coins (Removes the weakest score in your weekend prediction)

RECYCLED PAD - 8 Coins (Doubles your vote in the Tribal Council)

TIME MACHINE - 9 Coins (You have until 1PM EST on FRIDAY to submit predictions)

MAGIC MIRROR - 8 Coins (Force another contestant to reveal their vote(s) in the Tribal Council)

MARIONETTE - 12 Coins (Allows you to replace someone else's vote in Tribal Council - you may use this even if you are not a candidate for elimination) 

THE TWISTER - 16 Coins (Give me your dream twist to the story. I'll write it.)


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1 hour ago, slambros said:

I remember learning about the Prisoner's Dilemma when I played a video game called Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.


They also included it in KOTOR as part of a personality/memory test.

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7 minutes ago, Spaghetti of 1000 Planets said:

The deadline is still Wednesday (today) at 11:59PM, but I will reveal the results as they come starting at 3PM EST today. Each one has its own mini-scene attached to it.

That's gonna be interesting!

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Spaghetti: When I call your names, please step on one of the two platforms. You will find a green and red button on the console next to you. Green indicates befriend, red indicates betray.

WrathOfHan: Opposite of RottenTomatoes, huh?

Spaghetti: Precisely. First up, we have @elcaballero and @aabattery

Elcaballero: You better press 'befriend', mate.

AABATTERY: I could tell you the same thing.


@aabattery chooses:




@elcaballero chooses:









The Aftermath:


Elcaballero: Huh, I did not see that coming.

AABATTERY: I didn't even count on you befriending me either, seeing how intense you got earlier.

Elcaballero: Maybe.....augh! I'm still such a weakling! I can't be a hard-ass, I don't know what to do! Augh!!!! *Elcaballero breaks down in existential dread. He has no idea who he's trying to be.*

Spaghetti: Anyways.....5 coins for both of you! Congratulations!


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