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Death on the Nile | Feb 11, 2022 | Branagh returns as star/director/moustache model | Armie Hammer is sadly in this | Will release in China

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3 hours ago, RandomJC said:

Nile makes a far better movie than Orient Express. I think it flows better, and have some good tension throughout, instead just a straight Q&A throughout the book, unraveling the mystery.

Very true. I would argue that the the Ustinov movie is probably the best Poirot has been on big screen yet.


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I just finished reading this.


It was another fun read, and probably much more up Branagh's street than Orient Express.


I will say that this is the first time (of the handful of Christie that I've read) that I found the reveal to be pretty obvious though.


Also, the set-up at the end of Orient Express doesn't make sense unless they are dramatically changing the storyline.

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