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The King's Man | December 22 2021 | Fox | Delayed again | Comes to Hulu/Disney+ February 18

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3 More Kingsman Movies & a TV Series Are Coming



The second Kingsman movie announced is Kingsman: The Great Game. According to Vaughn, this will be a prequel / spin-off that will take place during the 1900s, showing an entirely different era for the spy organization. According to Vaughn, Kingsman: The Great Game will shoot back-to-back with Kingsman 3. Theoretically, this spin-off will work like Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and the current Star Wars spin-offs by exploring different time periods that we never thought to explore in a popular franchise.


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Pretty ambitious since Kingsman 2 was, although profitable, not nearly as well received as the first Kingsman.

Maybe they should see how Kingsman 3 does before going crazy with prequels and a TV show?

And I guess those talks for Vaughan to direct MOS 2 fell through.No way he could do that and this at the same time.

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Kingsman 3 To Begin Filming January; New Character Details Revealed



According to That Hashtag Show, Kingsman 3 will lay the groundwork for Kingsman: The Great Game, the prequel movie that director Matthew Vaughn recently revealed to be in the works, which will explore the early days of the organization. The third movie in the "Eggsy Trilogy" will apparently begin filming in January 2019, and will be shot back-to-back with Kingsman: The Great Game. The intriguing new information in this report regards the characters who will lead the prequel movie, and who will apparently be introduced in Kingsman 3:


The studio is on the lookout for two new leads. One of those new leads will be a teen by the name of Conrad. The young, cocky and charming son of a British Duke, Conrad is eager to find a way to serve his country during World War I…and perhaps the Kingsman offer him just that opportunity. The studio is also looking to cast an older lead male and while no details about his character have been revealed, we do know that the Ralph Fiennes is near or at the top of the studios list.



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Okay, so I was looking at BOM's schedule a minute ago, and I saw that "Untitled Kingsman Movie" has been dated for November 8, 2019




Pretty bold of them to put this out on the same day as future megahit Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Golden Circle was dissapointing, it reminded me too much of Lethal Weapon 2 where you kill off half of the characters in multiple scenes of the movie, and minus that one rocketdude cameo and the final action scene. The movie dragged was just meh.


and isn’t a part 3 ballsy on its own right? Since everyone is pretty much dead and Eggsy is married. Unless they use the statesmen 🙄, I think a part 3 Vaughn needs to learn from his sins of the golden circle and make a better movie. 

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On 6/11/2018 at 7:38 PM, dudalb said:

Maybe they should see how Kingsman 3 does before going crazy with prequels and a TV show?


Probably better for some to get everything started before the merger occur. 


16 hours ago, Napoleon said:

They better make this for half the budget of the last one.

Those are already on the cheap side for International SCI-FI action-comedy assemble spy movie with big Internationale release and giant 400m+ box office. Probably better stopping that chopping them and making them something else completely by and half the budget (that would leave much less than 50% of the below the line / what you seen on screen actual budget available, you cut more than half of the movie if you cut the budget and half, that why director something quit over 7M budget difference on large budget).


I am a bit curious what they could do with this, maybe change who the movie is around with that high concept of the Kingsman, it is really easy for them to bring new characters.

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