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RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET | 328.2 M overseas ● 529.3 M worldwide

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Ralph Breaks The Internet debuted in 18 territories on $41.5m and combined with the North American Thanksgiving holiday launch for $97.2m worldwide, rising to $126m including five days in North America. The animation sequel was big in China, where it debuted on $19.5m to score the third biggest Disney Animation / Pixar debut and has already outstripped the final gross of Wreck-It Ralph.


Mexico delivered $6.3m for number one and the top debut for a Disney Animation release, while Russia produced $5.7m for number one and the second highest Disney Animation / Pixar launch. Indonesia generated $1m for the highest opening weekend by a Disney Animation release, while there were number two all-time debuts for the company in India, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Ralph arrives in the UK this week.


Source: Screen Daily 


Amazing debut in Mexico 

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From DHD:


Disney’s Ralph Breaks The Internet was the big UK newcomer this frame, taking a clear No. 1. The sequel overall is tracking well ahead of its predecessor and still has about half the overseas footprint to come. The full weekend was worth $33.7M in 27 material markets for an international cume of $87.7M after two frames and a global haul of $207M so far.

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Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:  $128,241,885    59.3%
Foreign:  $87,947,297    40.7%

Worldwide:  $216,189,182  


this week or later to be released  in:

Spain 5 December 2018  
Albania 6 December 2018  
Brazil 8 December 2018 (Comic Con Experience)
Netherlands 12 December 2018  
Hong Kong 20 December 2018  
Japan 21 December 2018  
Australia 26 December 2018  
Italy 1 January 2019  
Argentina 3 January 2019  
Brazil 3 January 2019  
Serbia 3 January 2019  
Bulgaria 4 January 2019  
Czech Republic 10 January 2019  
Hungary 10 January 2019  
Slovakia 10 January 2019  
Lithuania 11 January 2019  
Poland 11 January 2019  
Romania 11 January 2019  
Turkey 11 January 2019  
France 23 January 2019  
Germany 24 January 2019  
Norway 1 February 2019  
Sweden 1 February 2019  
Denmark 7 February 2019  



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Spain embraced Ralph with $4.6M over five days and the 2nd biggest Disney Animation opening ever. Israel held onto the No. 1 spot for the 3rd consecutive weekend while the UK maintained No. 1 in its 2nd session.


In Latin America, the sequel also opened No. 1 in Bolivia and Paraguay. Chile, Colombia, Trinidad and Venezuela maintained the top position in the weekend chart.


Some notable holds include Israel (+81%), Portugal (-21%), Chile (-30%), Singapore (-39%), Taiwan (-39%), South Africa (-40%) and the UK (-40%).


China leads all play with $38.5M in the market that’s been dominated by Aquaman, Venom and local pic A Cool Fish. Mexico is next with $15.1M followed by Russia ($12.1M), the UK ($9.4M) and Spain ($4.6M). Key upcoming debuts are in Japan, Australia, Italy, Korea, Brazil, Germany and France through early February.


Source: Deadline.com

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33 minutes ago, PanaMovie said:

Israel held onto the No. 1 spot for the 3rd consecutive weekend


Some notable holds include Israel (+81%),

The increase is because of the Hanukka Holiday, but I wish there were some actual numbers attached with these reports.

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