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Three Thousand Years of Longing | August 26, 2022 | MGM | GEORGE MILLER'S NEXT MOVIE | Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton | Coming to Cannes!

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In what is likely to be the hottest new movie on sale at the AFM next week, Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller has set his next project: Three Thousand Years Of Longing.


Oscar-winner Miller has penned the script and will direct the original film, whose log-line is being kept under wraps. The movie is said to be unlike anything the filmmaker has done before but I hear it is epic in scope (as implied by its title). Shoot is due to get under way next year.


The feted franchise creator will produce alongside his regular collaborator Doug Mitchell. FilmNation is handling international sales and will launch the big-canvas project for the AFM (unless it is snapped up before then). CAA will rep North America and China. I gather interest in the hot package is already sky-high from those in the know.


Oh how I wish Tele was here to see this.

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inb4 Netflix ends uo getting it. But it is my solemn hope that distributor comfortable with wide releases gives this one a shot. George Miller is fantastic so I'm sure this could be really good; it honestly sounds like a film that's set in China or Japan...

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 George Miller has gotten his green light and a March production start in Australia on Three Thousand Years of Longing, with Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton now locked to star. 

We could be seeing a 2021 release date for this film I guess.

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The film was test-screened on Tuesday at the AMC Lincoln Square in New York City. A genie romance that will be highly polarizing is what I’m hearing. A $60 million dollar art film.

Miller examines contemporary society via the conventions of the folk or fairy tale genre. This is a film about the “impact of storytelling on storytelling,” a sort of “Arabian Nights” for our times. Another person who attended mentioned the “sensuality and eroticism” depicted in the film, and that this was Miller’s most philosophical movie to date, one that might alienate much of the fanbase he built with “Fury Road.”

Said to not be as visually-driven as ‘Fury Road’ the film tells the story of a lonely and bitter British woman who discovers an ancient bottle while on a trip to Istanbul and unleashes a djinn who offers her three wishes. Filled with apathy, she is unable to come up with a wish until his stories spark in her a desire to be loved. Her resulting wishes are not for prosperity or happy forever-afters, but for solving issues that she has to deal with in the modern world.


Everything about this movie sounds so good. When is this coming out??????

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