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Best Twilight film

Best Twilight Movie  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite Twilight film?

    • Twilight
    • New Moon
    • Eclipse
    • Breaking Dawn: Part 1

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Not crazy about any of them really, but it is either Eclipse or the original and since the backstory of the family members were just useless to me in Eclipse, I will take the original.

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Eclipse, easily. But even that had me WTF'ing a few times and the "fight" seemed a bit anti-climactic after all the buildup. But at least it wasn't boring.The first one isn't *bad* persay, just boring as all hell. An hour in I found myself wondering if anything was going to happen. Lots of unintentional funny parts though. Running up the mountain with Bella was all kinds of LOL. New Moon was irritating, stupid and almost completely unnecessary. How anyone can watch that and still think of Bella as a strong female protagonist is beyond me. Also beyond me is why everyone is so enamored with this chick. I'd want to smack her.BD1 wasn't bad either, but I couldn't help but think "That's it?" when it came to the wedding and the honeymoon. People were all excited waiting for that? Not even mentioning the logistics of a dead person with no blood flow being able to either have sex or impregnate someone. Plus it was rather zzzzz up until the birth scene. Not to mention the talking werewolves. Certainly didn't make me all excited to see the last one in theaters either. Will wait to redbox the DVD.Lautner also got worse and worse each movie. One question though... the pack is mindful of wasting shirts because they get torn when they change, yet they must be okay replenishing their seemingly endless supply of cargo shorts. Those would also get torn to shreds, correct? Not that it matters, it just makes me laugh.

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I think they're all pretty good films but they all have their problems. My main problem with them is that the Volturi are perhaps the most interesting characters in the books and the movies and when they are on screen, it's great, but they aren't enough.Twilight: 7/10NM: 9/10Eclipse: 9.5/10BD1: 8.5/10

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Here's my question. If you thought the first 3 were "crap", why watch the fourth? Hell, I would have stopped at the 1st if I thought it was horrible. This proves that the negativity toward this franchise is mostly hyperbole. The "negative nancies" are now only watching to ridicule. ;)Anyway, I think New Moon is the only one that can really be called crap. At worst, the others can be called mediocre, IMO.Twilight BNew Moon C-Eclipse B+Breaking Dawn Part 1 B-

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