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Best Pierce Brosnan Bond Movie

Best Pierce?  

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  1. 1. Best Pierce?

    • Goldeneye
    • Tomorrow Never Dies
    • The World is Not Enough
    • Die Another Day

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1. GoldenEye2. The World Is Not Enough3. Die Another Day4. Tomorrow Never DiesBut, honestly, DAD has so much entertainment value for me personally that I'd usually rather watch it over TWINE. Its definitely a weaker film though, IMO.

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1. GoldenEye

2. Tomorrow Never Dies

3. The World is Not Enough

4. Die Another Day(to this day, I have never seen it)

GoldenEye is clearly a classic, but I can't believe there isn't a lot of love for Tomorrow Never Dies. It has the best Bond girl in ages(one that is sexy and kicks ass), a villain with a different agenda than most(Jonathan Pryce!), and the parking garage chase was worth the price of admission alone.

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DAD lost me not with the invisible car, but the surfing scene. It's a truly terrible moment right out of the Moore movies added with really bad CG. I mean, I can usually overlook crappy CG but jeez. It's always been neck-and-neck between DAD and TWINE for my worst Brosnan film. I guess I'd rather watch DAD because I can at least laugh and shake my head at it. TWINE is just a snooze.

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1. Goldeneye A(Classic)2. The World is not Enough B(Half of a great Bond film, until Denise Richards shows up)3. Die Another Say B-(1/3 of a great Bond film, then it gets goofier and goofier)4. Tomorrow Never Dies C+(Opening scene is good, then it just gets boring)Say what you want about DAD, at least it isn't bland like TND. Even the helicopter/motorcycle chase becomes monotonous.

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Goldeneye. Not even debatable. The rest pretty much follow in the order they were released. Brosnan was a decent Bond, better than three quarters of his scripts allowed.TND - solid until a dull finale on the stealth shipTWINE - a needlessly convoluted plot with almost no memorable action scenesDAD - threatens to be interesting with Bond becoming a prisoner, then turns into a CGI, double-entendre nightmare. It may not be the Batman and Robin of the series but it certainly resulted in the Bond Begins reboot that followed.

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