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SOTM 2 (IM3 total) Due May 12th 3pm

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By the end of the game, will IM3 pass.......


You can choose only one of these answers.  In order for you to be right, it has to pass the film you choose.  Totals for these films listed below are and will remain as of this posting.


Due by Sunday May 12th afternoon at 3pm.



1) Deathly Hallows 2:  381.011 mill 3000 if correct -3000 if incorrect

2) Spiderman:  403.706 5000 -5000

2) The Lion King:  422.783 mill:  7000, -7000

3) The Dark Knight Rises:  448.139 12 9000 -7000

4) Star Wars A New Hope:  460.998 10,000 -7000

5) Star Wars The Phantom Menace:  474.544 15,000 -10,000


Good luck!

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