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The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug OS Thread

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AUJ did hit 100Mil US$; it's just that some weeks later the Euro dropped a bit, so now the sum is 97.4mil at BOMojo. So, yes, I suppose DOS will hit it too or get very close, depending on legs of course.


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Overseas, THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG has a 2-day tally of $24M--and is outpacing AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY by 11%.


I am conscious it is difficult to know, but we should know if it is comparing the same markets? I say it because if I am not wrong DOS is being released in less markets than AUJ OW, so data would be better than it seems.

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Still such small numbers for a franchise that used to be huge OS. While AUJ was still rather big in the end, it's surprising how subdued the early rush to see it is...


I take it they mean 11% bigger in the same markets.

Well, it is a Wed+Thu number. Many countries like UK, Germany or Spain have still not contributed.

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