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SOTM 3 (it's been done before but it's one of my favourites)

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By the end of the game, choose which film Neighbors will pass in gross.  


You can only choose one film on this list.  As long as Neighbors passes the film you choose, you will get the corresponding points.


This will be another SOTM question worth a lot of points.  But you can also lose a lot too.  Like the knight says to Indy, "choose wisely."


There is no abstaining and the higher you go, the more you will receive, and of course the more you will lose if you get too brash with your choice.  


1) The 40 Year Old Virgin:  109.449M

2) Big Momma's House:  117.559

3) Superbad:  121.463

4) Anchorman 2:  127.352

5) Animal House:  141.6

6) We're the Millers:  150.394

7) The Heat:  159.582

8) Bridesmaids:  169.106

9) What Women Want:  182.811

10) Wedding Crashers:  209.255

11) Hangover 2:  254.464

12) Hangover:  277.322 (you have a 2.5% window for this one)


Point structure:


1) 3000 if right/-3000 if wrong

2) 4000 if right/-4000 if wrong

3) 5000 if right/-5000 if wrong

4) 6000 if right/-6000 if wrong

5) 7000 if right/-7000 if wrong

6) 8000 if right/ -10,000 if wrong

7) 10,000 if right/ -12,000 if wrong

8) 12,000 if right/ -12,000 if wrong

9) 15,000 if right/ -12,000 if wrong

10) 20,000 if right/-14,000 if wrong

11) 25,000 if right/-14,000 if wrong

12) 35,000 if right/-14,000 if wrong


Deadline is Saturday May 17th at 9AM forums time.


Good luck!

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Right now.


6) We're the Millers - 8000 if right/ -10,000 if wrong




You don't get to choose the points, Stingray.  :)

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