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Selma (MLK Biopic) | Free to rent all June

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Yeah I didn't like the use of the rap music.  It just felt out of place.


Overall, the trailer was kind of bland, but the story is one that I want to see, so hopefully the movie is better than it looks so far

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Saw this trailer last night with Interstellar and it looks good but the rap music kind of ruins the trailer and the seriousness of the event.


Lol completely agreed, I had no idea this was coming out, the trailer was pretty good but then it torpedoed itself with that shit and actually had me chuckling and rolling my eyes in the theater.

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I have been wondering when they would make an MLK biopic. I am surprised it wasn't done sooner. If 12YAS didn't win last year, I would have said this could have potentially won BP. Anyway, it still probably gets a BP nod just because it is about one of the most legendary American's ever.

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Four reviews, all positive:


Intelligently written, vividly shot, tightly edited, sharply acted, the film represents a rare example of craftsmanship working to produce a deeply moving piece of history.



Ava DuVernay's politically astute, psychologically acute MLK bio-pic makes the Civil Rights movement seem like only yesterday.



A joyful, angry, and sad film - occasionally all three in the same scene.



"Selma" is one of the best American films of the year - and indeed perhaps the best - precisely because it does not simply show what Dr. King did for America in his day; it also wonders explicitly what we have left undone for America in ours.


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this movie's reviews are fucking unbelievable.


go DuVernay


hand this one the best picture, actor and director awards already!!



Reactions after AFI screening - raves across the board
by   » 2 days ago (Tue Nov 11 2014 20:19:50)Flag ▼ | Reply |  
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Post Edited:  Wed Nov 12 2014 09:48:20

Jeff Sneider ‏@TheInSneider 21s21 seconds ago 

Ava DuVernay's SELMA is a triumph! Standing ovation. First that I've seen at #AFIFest. Oscar contender across the board. Typing thru tears. 

Jeff Sneider ‏@TheInSneider · 11m11 minutes ago 

David Oyelowo delivers a powerhouse performance as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tom Wilkinson a worthy foil as LBJ. Stephan James also strong. 

Kristopher Tapley ‏@kristapley 32s32 seconds ago 

"Selma" is fantastic. @AVAETC brings an assured, confident vision to it. Pettus Bridge sequence brilliantly staged. Bradford Young! 

Kristopher Tapley ‏@kristapley · 2m2 minutes ago 

Ava for Best Director. That *beep* needs to happen. Perfectly suited to her strengths here and she just sings. 

Lindsey Bahr ‏@ldbahr 1m1 minute ago 

Standing ovation at Selma screening #AFIFEST 

Andrea Mandell ‏@AndreaMandell 26s26 seconds ago 

Standing ovation for SELMA at #AFIFEST. Best actor race just made room for David Oyelowo. 

Courtney Howard ‏@Lulamaybelle 50s50 seconds ago 

#Selma: a triumph. Absolutely incredible, powerful, passionate, poignant & profound. Shows an iconic figure as human. Congrats @AVAETC! 

Scott Feinberg ‏@ScottFeinberg 1m1 minute ago Los Angeles, CA 

Oyelowo as MLK in SELMA: one of the greatest performances you'll ever see. 

Lindsey Bahr ‏@ldbahr 2m2 minutes ago 

Selma is really quite powerful...cried a few times #AFIFest 

DrewAtHitFix ‏@DrewAtHitFix 1m1 minute ago Los Angeles, CA 

I am pro-SELMA. #bigtime 

gregoryellwood @HitFixGregory · 5m 5 minutes ago 

Selma is fantastic. Simply. Powerhouse. Moving. Superb. #oscars 

gregoryellwood @HitFixGregory · 45s 46 seconds ago 

DuVernay deserves a best director nod. #Selma #oscars 

Sasha Stone ‏@AwardsDaily 53s53 seconds ago Los Angeles, CA 

I don't know what the critics will think and I have no idea what Academy voters will do but holy *beep* Selma. What a great *beep* movie. 

Russell Hainline ‏@RussellHFilm 59s60 seconds ago 

SELMA: more soul, emotion, and urgency than any biopic in memory. DuVernay, Oyelowo, and Bradford Young are MAJOR talents. 

Nicole Sperling ‏@nicsperling 1m1 minute ago Los Angeles, CA 

David Oyelowo just killed it in #Selma unbelievable performance from a terrific actor. 

MDSC Initiative ‏@MDSCInitiative 1m1 minute ago 

Exquisite. Moving. Incredible. #Selma is all of this and more. We'll be talking about this for months. David Oyelowo equals #Oscar 

Clayton Walter ‏@schmvngpctrs · 7m7 minutes ago 

David Oyelowo is on a level all his own as MLK. #Selma 

Clayton Walter ‏@schmvngpctrs · 6m6 minutes ago 

Oprah's part is small but she nails it. #Selma

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