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DEADPOOL | 420.0 M overseas ● 783.1 M worldwide

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It IS Huge in France. 285000 admissions OD, looks like at least 1.2m admissions for the OW, could easily go higher, though.
Only being on 480 screens doesn't help, obviouly, but this is incredible.

With Australia overperforming, too and the US going through the roof now, 500m WW seems the floor.

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And more from Deadline:


In the UK, Deadpool livened up the box office with $3.4M on opening day Wednesday (including Tuesday night previews). It is No. 1 in the market and is the biggest Fox opening day ever for a 15-rated movie. At 42% higher than Days Of Future Past, it’s the 5th highest opening day for a Marvel film and the 2nd biggest grossing IMAX Wednesday opening ever, behind Spectre. Australia grossed $2.1M on Thursday which was its first day out. A clear No. 1 with 75% market share, Deadpool bowed eight times bigger than Zoolander 2. France embraced the foul-mouthed Wade Wilson with $1.8M on Wednesday (also including Tuesday night previews) and gave Deadpool the No. 1 spot with a start that was 6% bigger than DOFP.


Reynolds having made Taiwan the central hub for South East Asia had a profound effect on the market and boosted play in neighboring areas. Deadpool had a $1.4M opening day, Wednesday, in Taiwan which was after it took $1.7M in sneaks on Monday and Tuesday. At No. 1 in the market and 62% bigger than DOFP, Deadpool scored the biggest Fox opening day ever there and the biggest IMAX opening of all time. With a $650K opening Tuesday in Hong Kong, the pic was No. 1 and, impressively, made history as the industry’s biggest Chinese New Year single day ever. This is also Fox and IMAX’s top debut ever. Wednesday dipped 3% from opening day, to $630K.


Elsewhere, the Philippines saw a $357K opening Wednesday which is the best first day ever for an R-rated picture. In Belgium, a $270K kick-off on Wednesday is the top superhero opening ever. The comps here include 22% bigger than The Dark Knight Rises, 41% bigger than Avengers 2 and 86% over DOFP. Singapore picked up $205K on Thursday for the industry’s best opening day ever at an M18 rating.




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6 minutes ago, grey ghost said:

Fox will be tempted to tame the sequel for a China release.


I hope they don't do it.


The reason the movie is so big is because it's uncompromising and crude.

No need to pander to Chinese audience. Just keep the budget in check and sequel will be just as profitable.

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Making a mark in the UK:

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