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The 2016 Comic Book Movie-Mageddon thread. Rank the 2016 CBMs against each other in this thread. Read first post for more details.

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As many users have noticed over the past few days, a large number of threads pitting the CBMs of 2016 against each other have sprung up. The moderating team took a look at this, and we found the following clubs


Deadpool over Apocalypse

Deadpool over Civil War

Deadpool over BvS

Deadpool over DOFP

Apocalypse to be lowest grossing CBM in 2016

SS over BvS

Civil War vs BvS

SS vs Civil War


So basically, every single CBM of 2016 has a thread where it is compared against every other CBM from 2016, and each of these threads has literally the same people in it discussing the exact same things. A decision was taken by the moderating team to consolidate all of these threads into one megathread. Any discussion about which CBM will outgross which other CBM will be done in this thread. All the other individual movie fight threads will be locked.


You can still open threads for individual movies and individual targets, for example the Apocalypse under 200M thread will remain open as it is a judgment based on one movie alone and has nothing to do with pitting it against other movies.


This thread will be monitored and all forum rules still apply. But apart from that, all 2016 CBM gross comparisons and discussions vis-a-vis other 2016 CBMs will be in this thread alone. 


Now, let the flame wars begin.

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My gut feeling changes often but here's what I'm thinking right now:



1. Cap3 (350-450)

2. BvS (350-425)

3. Deadpool (300-350)

4. Suicide Squad (200-275)

5. Apocalypse (175-225)

6. Dr Strange (125-200)


Worldwide should be the same order actually, Apocalypse and SS might switch spots after adding the OS numbers though.

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Current predicts:


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - 479M

Captain America: Civil War - 414M

Deadpool - 405M

Suicide Squad - 398M

Doctor Strange - 169M

X-Men: Apocalypse - 168M



So for OWs:


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - 181M

Captain America: Civil War - 166M

Deadpool - 135M

Suicide Squad - 123M

X-Men: Apocalypse - 72M

Doctor Strange - 58M

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I thought the club forum was to keep the clubs from cluttering the main forum? Why not throw all these fanboy clubs into the club forum?




Civil War - 425

BvS - 385

Deadpool - 370 



Suicide Squad - 250

X-men Apocalypse - 215

Sr. Strange - 190


Edit: I'm upping my Civil War prediction to 425 m and lowering my Deadpool to 370 m.




Edited by grey ghost
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