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Wonder Park | Paramount | March 15 2019 | Director fired due to "Inappropriate Conduct"

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This actually looks gorgeous to me, specially the beginning sequence in the forest.


It does seem like the trailer is trying to sell this as more emotional than it may be though, or maybe I'm just over-analyzing a simple teaser. Either way I'm positively surprised by it.

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8 hours ago, YourMother the Edgelord said:

Don’t see much box office potential for this even if it is really good. This has to deal with Dragon 3, Dumbo and to a lesser extent Captain Marvel.

The days whan any animated film could generate a big gross are long over.

it does not look that bad, but ti does not look that good either.

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9 minutes ago, That One Guy said:

Would just like to point out that this movie is currently without a credited director despite being released in 4 months

.....except it has? You are aware the previous guy got replaced by David Feiss, right? (Feiss created CN's Cow and Chicken)

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1 minute ago, That One Guy said:


IMDb told me otherwise 🤷‍♂️

Wikipedia states it (I know).


Also there's a THR article that states it. I'm assuming nobody at IMDb cares enough to update



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