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2017 Billion Dollar Movies (DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2017)

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* You will count how many $1 billion dollar movies will be in year 2017. (Including BATB and F8)

* Besides BATB and F8, it is required to state which will be the ones that will hit the billion dollar mark.

* A CORRECT guess signifies that the he/she is the winner or one of the winners of the contest.


Both of these conditions must be met in order for a person to be considered CORRECT:

* The person successfully guessed the exact number of 2017 films that hit the billion dollar mark.

* The person mentioned all of the 2017 films that hit the billion dollar mark. (No need to include BATB and F8, as these are exceptions)

(If a film/s was mentioned there but did not hit a billion worldwide, then the person is of course, incorrect)


Otherwise, WRONG!



+1,000 points for every correctly predicted movie stated by the person.

-2,500 points for every incorrectly predicted movie stated by the person.

+10,000 points for being CORRECT.

BONUS +2,000 points to everyone for fairness.


BATB and F8 won't be involved in this scoring criteria. Please take note of this.


Number of $1 billion movies:




BoilingHotCoffee (SW8)

Claudio (SW8)

Ethan Hunt (SW8)

John Marston (SW8)

keysersoze123 (Dunkirk)

NCsoft (SW8)

TalismanRing (SW8)

ymblcza (SW8)

ZeeSoh (SW8)


a2knet (DM3, SW8)

Asyulus (DM3, SW8)

brandmaks (JL, SW8)

Eevin (DM3, SW8)

KathNiel (JL, SW8)

MattW (DM3, SW8)

PhantomX1313 (JL, SW8)

YourMother (JL, SW8)


Arlborn (DM3, JL, SW8)

Brainiac5 (S:H, JL, SW8)

ChiSoxRox (TF5, DM3, SW8)

FantasticBeasts (DM3, JL, SW8)

James (DM3, JL, SW8)

KJsooner (TF5, DM3, SW8)

peludo (DM3, JL, SW8)

raegr (DM3, JL, SW8)

theStun (DM3, JL, SW8)


CaptainJackSparrow (TF5, DM3, JL, SW8)

CJohn (NJ2, HB, DH2, LP)

El Gato (TF5, DM3, JL, SW8)

thelich343 (TF5, DM3, JL, SW8)

WrathOfHan (DM3, S:H, T:R, SW8)

7 or higher



You may change your guess anytime until the close date. The club will close in June 30, 2017. Winners will be declared after the remaining 2017 movies have finished their entire worldwide run.

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15 minutes ago, damnitgeorge08 said:


Lol. Among these only hitman has chance. Others are not hitting $800m.

My little pony will do $300m-$450m in china but not much in any other country.


You really think Hitman's Bodyguard even has a chance of hitting a billion?

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